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Akumal: Micro destination where mother nature usually rests in Maya Rivera

Akumal. The beautiful Akumal. The beautiful Akumal. The mystic Akumal. The place of the turtles that, in my humble opinion of a servant is definitely a place that is quite a vortex, where circumstances converge where unique and genuine elements are given that make this part of the Riviera Maya. In this remote haven, one it can be found again with the inevitable essence of the harmonious encounter with mother nature.


Akumal is a bay, Akumal is a beach, Akumal is a turtle nesting sanctuary, Akumal is a vibrant little soul within the fantastic Riviera Maya of the state of Quintana Roo.


Located approximately 39 kms. kilometers south of Playa del Carmen (24.2 miles) and 27.5 kilometers from the town of Tulum (17 miles) on the coast of the Riviera Maya, Akumal stands out definitely within the concert of micro destinations that this fantastic state of the Mexican Republic has for offer all those explorers thirsty to experience what it is to really live


Pieces of a beautiful symphony that are composed, of course, by the crystalline turquoise sea, by that fine white sand that caresses our feet at every step, the prodigious, abundant and flourishing nature that surrounds it in the immediate vicinity, the cenotes that are they become a refreshing heart to experience all kinds of experiences and sensations that are recorded in the soul


But what activities can we carry out in a pristine and paradisiacal place like this? Well, mainly the fundamental and fundamental to be able to understand and take in the soul a whole range of unforgettable experiences. The first of them. The contemplation of the majestic flora and fauna. An intangible art that only seasoned and sophisticated visitors.


The second. Combine with the sun, sand, and sea to have fun or relax in a big way. Third. Hiking guided by local experts on the routes that lead to nearby cenotes. The fourth. Swimming and diving in cenotes, such as the Aktun Chen, Yal Ku, and Azul cenotes, located in the surroundings of Akumal. The fifth. Tasting of local culinary delicacies in the restaurants located around the beach.


What else can be done? Please point. Photography, meditation, pleasant talks with friends, and traveling companions, perceiving the omnipresent Mayan spirit that protects these beautiful latitudes. They can also take tours that are offered to the visitor where the underground caves that make up the geography of Akumal are visited, in addition to which we can continue with the fascination tour in the bay of the half-moon.


However, not everything ends and south of Akumal, about 2 kilometers (1.24 miles), the fascinating discoveries continue. We have, for example, Aventuras Akumal Bay, a small bay in which we also find not far from the beach, the continuation of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef that runs north from the state coast to the south of it, full of flora and fauna marine that raises awareness of care towards mother nature,

We do not fail to mention, of course, the other micro destination near Akumal, the Aktun Chen Natural Park, which will allow us to enter a cavern and underground river. In its exteriors, a rich and abundant tropical flora and fauna of the region will prodigiously frame those selfies that we will take home.


A Magno travel recommendation to Akumal? Plan to spend two or three days in Akumal. Second Great recommendation. Hotel options in Akumal do not abound, so I recommend staying in Tulum because even though we have some simple accommodation options near Akumal, leaving Tulum will give us the chance to get into Akumal a little better prepared.

Also, avoid taking Akumal, all those chemicals such as sunscreens or sunscreens that are not biodegradable AND definitely be accompanied by a high vibrant spirit to be able to perceive the colors and music that these natural poetic pieces of Akumal give off.


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