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Centro Cultural Tijuana View, Baja California Norte State, Mexico
Centro Cultural Tijuana View, Baja California Norte State, Mexico

Baja California Norte State Side A and B

Baja California Norte State Side A and B Chapter 01


Destinations’ Analysis by Franco Magno


Hey John! Why do you cross Mexico’s border every other weekend? I asked John in Ensenada.

He answered. Because of these fantastic beaches and everything is cheap here! My dollars give me three more experiences chances here! Ja! Ja! Ja! I won’t forget that friendly John.

The Baja California Norte state. Mexico’s northwest border. Magical lands where experiences can combine in unique moments. All those travelers. All those adventurers. All those who like different sensations will surely find them in Baja California Norte.

View of Ensenada's Cruiseport Village, Baja California Norte State, Mexico
View of Ensenada’s Cruiseport Village, Baja California Norte State, Mexico

From its abundant nature to its health options, passing to its magical wine route, Baja California is a sensations delight for visitors.

Let’s go then to the Magno Side A and B of Baja California Norte state.


Side A


The privilege of its long coasts and the magnificent spectacle of whale watching on its shores. Like few places in Mexico, the Ensenada port city offers you many options to watch these fantastic marine animals.

Between December and March, the gray whale finishes its journey’s first part from North America’s cold waters to the northern Mexican coast. It’s a natural attraction and a privilege that the waters bathing Baja California Norte shores offer to the visitor.

But how can you participate in such an excellent experience? First of all, you have to get to Ensenada’s Malecón (The boardwalk).

There you’ll have the opportunity to get in touch with tour operators that offer ride services to whale’s sighting areas. The tours’ length and the costs depend on each tour operator.


Side B


You have to be very patient. Due to the short whale watching season, it’s common to see many boats leaving for the whale watching sites.

There are times when the whales detect the presence of several ships, tend to take shelter inside the ocean, and don’t come out as often. So, once you arrive at the sighting point, it’s common for tour operators to turn off the boats’ engines, and all that remains is to wait.

Humpback Whale Jumping Out of the Water, Baja California Norte State, Mexico
Humpback Whale Jumping Out of the Water, Baja California Norte State, Mexico

This way, my Magno followers, if you thought to demand a guarantee that the whales will come up to the ocean’s surface, let’s not forget that this isn’t a “show” for which you pay to have fun, but to enter in the habitat of these beautiful creatures.

Sometimes I state in other posts that the Magno side B isn’t precisely a wrong side, but the other coin’s side.

When you come to “Baja” and decide to take a whale watching tour, an essential component is patience to spot such fantastic marine life on the horizon and in your boat’s vicinity.


The Magno Recommendation:


Due to my travel experiences, I recommend that if you decide to dedicate a day to whale watching, compare prices and tour options at the Ensenada’s Malecón. This way, you’ll make a better decision, and you can choose the tour operator of your preference without any pressures.

In particular, I recommend those tour operators that, in addition to whale watching, complement the tour with visits to other natural attractions that enrich Ensenada’s shores.

This way, you’ll get a complete picture of Ensenada’s natural wonders by spending a great day in full contact with nature. Just to mention an example. Touring the “Bahía de Todos los Santos” is a mesmerizing marine experience.

However, if you take this tour at the early sunset, you won’t stare at regular sunsets. You’ll take home indelible memories worth painting a thousand artworks. If you continue with more nature thirst, there are tours to watch marine sea life at the “San Miguel” and “Salsipuedes” bays.

Centro Cultural Tijuana View, Baja California Norte State, Mexico
Centro Cultural Tijuana View, Baja California Norte State, Mexico

Oh! I’m just forgetting. Did I mention the tour to “La Bufadora”? Mexico’s and North America’s greatest marine geyser?

Located at the “Punta Banda” peninsula, isn’t a natural destination you must visit in your life.

It’s an unrecognized earth’s wonder. I can type down here words and words about the magnificent, amazing, and marvelous experience you’ll be living here.

I don’t want to be that jerk guy at all, who tells you the movie’s end when you haven’t watched it. You just savor this heavenly natural wonder, and live it up!

Baja California Norte is much, much more, and a good starting point is to enter in full touch with nature through tour operators.

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