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Los Cabos World's End Arch, Baja California Sur State, Mexico
Los Cabos World's End Arch, Baja California Sur State, Mexico

Baja California Sur State Side A and B No.1

Baja California Sur State Side A and B No.1

Analysis of Mexico and Baja California Sur Destinations by Franco Magno

Baja California Sur. Some travelers say traveling through these lands, and contemplating sunrises and sunsets in front of the sea, is like a religious experience.

The opportunities to see fantastic colors, and to perceive the lovely postcards live in full color that you can hoard in your mind in these places hardly have equal in other lands.

Los Cabos Beach View, Baja California Sur State, Mexico
Los Cabos Beach View, Baja California Sur State, Mexico

There are points on earth where you’ll experience unique moments, and here in Mexico, the Baja California Sur state is a treasures’ chest for permanent exploration.

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Let’s go then to the Magno side A and B of Baja California Sur state.

Side A


Los Cabos. The high-end international vacation center where you’ll find every one of top-notch services. From basic to sophisticated ones. In Baja California Sur, Mexico offers a significant menu of its most exceptional high-cuisine delicious dishes.

Spending a few vacation days in Los Cabos isn’t only to have the opportunity to experience, have fun,  and fascinate with all its tourist attractions.

One of the many sides A that Baja California Sur has are its beaches, natural landscapes, and opportunities to get in full contact with nature at sea, practicing various water sports.

I recommend, of course, not to forget San José del Cabo’s Historic Center. In a couple of hours, you won’t regret the chance to enjoy unique moments walking through those quaint spaces.

Those streets feature colorful, colonial historic constructions where art and culture have also claimed their space. They will tell you stories, images, beautiful postcards that you’ll frame for a perfect selfie.

Los Cabos World's End Arch, Baja California Sur State, Mexico
Los Cabos World’s End Arch, Baja California Sur State, Mexico

The magnificent options for shopping and tasting Baja California Sur’s cuisine traditional dishes will abound around Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo tourist zones.

Once satisfied in your mouth’s palates, you can now indulge your “art and souvenir palates.”

Several unconventional Mexican art masterpieces will capture your sight and interest by challenging you to acquire those souvenirs at many local specialized shops.

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Side B


Now here it goes the other sun’s side. Or the coin’s one if you prefer it. A magno side B will be the international visitors’ high season. Depending on where you come from, here in Baja California Sur, especially in Los Cabos, the primary foreign visitor’s season isn’t the same as in the rest of Mexico.

The high tourist volume seasons here in Mexico are predominantly the so-called “Semana Santa” (Holy Week) summer vacation seasons, some days of the winter season, and the “Puentes,” that is when a national holiday combines with a weekend.

The high season for visitors, especially Americans and Canadians, runs from October to April, and sometimes to early May. This happening is fully understandable.

Residing in countries where the winter isn’t very kind to its inhabitants is the perfect pretext to pack the luggage, get some air tickets and flee right away to these Mexican sunny northern lands where all those friends are quite welcome.

Los Cabos is a Sportfishing Capital, Baja California Sur State, Mexico
Los Cabos is a Sportfishing Capital, Baja California Sur State, Mexico

Booking your rooms and flights at least three to four months in advance will ensure a much more relaxed and smooth stay.

The Magno Recommendation:


As I mentioned before, the Magno side B isn’t the wrong side, but the other coin’s side.

I advise that if you visit this amazing international vacation destination, make your reservations and tour planning well in advance, especially if you are planning to have aquatic excursions such as sport fishing and diving since available spaces can run out.

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Another Magno recommendation I can give you is directly related to the flights coming from the United States and Canada.

Most of the time, arriving from these countries directly to Los Cabos causes the available airplane’s seating supply to drop considerably.

This way, if you are coming from the USA or Canada, an alternate option is to arrive in Los Cabos via Mexico City. You can easily find several airline options with frequent flights at reasonable costs that will allow you suntan in Los Cabos in no time.

Baja California Sur and all its destinations like Los Cabos will leave you an indelible mark on your soul, and memories. Following these Magno recommendations, you can enjoy all these paradises without significant setbacks.

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