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Baja California Sur State Side A and B

Mexico’s Destinations Analysis by Franco Magno

Baja California Sur. Some travelers say traveling through these lands, to contemplate sunrises and sunsets in front of the sea, is something like a religious experience.


The opportunities to see fantastic colors, to perceive the lovely postcards live and in full color that you know can contemplate in these places hardly have equal in other lands. There are points on earth where we will experience unique moments, and here in Mexico, Baja California Sur is a treasure chest of treasures to be explored. Let’s go then to the Great A and B side of Baja California Sur.




Los Cabos. The international tourist center of high range where we will be able to find every one of the services, from basic to the first level. Here Mexico offers a significant part of its most delicious dishes of exceptional cuisine. To spend a few days of vacation in Los Cabos is not only to have the opportunity to spread, to have fun, to be fascinated with all its attractions to the tourist. One of the many A-sides that Baja California Sur has are their beaches, natural landscapes, and opportunities to get in full contact with nature at sea practicing various water sports.


I recommend, of course, not to forget the Historic center of San Jose del Cabo. In a couple of hours, you will not regret being able to enjoy unique moments walking through those little streets.


Those streets feature colorful colonial Historic constructions where art and culture have also claimed their space.


They will tell us stories, images, beautiful postcards that we will be able to frame in a perfect selfie.


The options for shopping and tasting the dishes of traditional Baja California cuisine will be several and abundant.  Once satisfied in the palate, we will be confident in the other senses, where the conventional Mexican art will capture our sight and our interest, and it will be challenging to resist to acquire the so-called “souvenir” at many local shops.




    The season of international visitors. Depending on where you come from, here in Baja California Sur, especially in Los Cabos, the primary season for visitors is not the same as in the rest of Mexico. The high seasons here in Mexico are predominantly the so-called “Semana “Santa,” the summer vacation, some days of the winter season, and the “Puentes”, that is, when a national holiday can combine with a weekend.


    The high season for visitors, especially Americans, is from October to May. And this is understandable. Residing in countries where winter is not very kind to its inhabitants, allows us to greet them here in Los Cabos, so that the offer of tourist services to visitors is put to work if not at full speed if they are busy.


    Booking your rooms and flights at least three to four months in advance will ensure a much more relaxed and smooth stay.


The Magno Recommendation


    As I mentioned, the Great B-side is not the wrong side, but the other side of the coin. I advise that if you are going to visit this tremendous international leisure destination, make your reservations and tour planning well in advance, especially if you are planning to do aquatic excursions such as sport fishing and diving.


    Another great piece of Recommendation I can give you is directly related to the flights coming from the United States and Canada. Generally, arriving from these countries directly to Los Cabos causes the available seating supply to drop considerably. So if you are coming from the USA or Canada, an alternate option is to arrive in Los Cabos via Mexico City. We have opportunities for airlines with frequent flights at reasonable costs that will allow you to be ready to visit Los Cabos.   


Baja California Sur and all its destinations like Los Cabos, will leave an indelible mark on our soul, on our thoughts, and following some preventive Recommendation we can enjoy giving all these beauties without significant setbacks.

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