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Calakmul Archaeological Site Pyramid and Rainforest View, Campeche State, Mexico
Calakmul Archaeological Site Pyramid and Rainforest View, Campeche State, Mexico

Campeche State Side A and B No. 1

Campeche State Side A and B No. 1

Analysis of Mexico and Campeche Destinations by Franco Magno

The state of Campeche. Forged with the great spirit of the ancient, historic, and great Maya culture. Protected by a prodigious nature that shelters the “Campechanos.” Fiercely defended from the cannon shots of pirate ships.

This is the Campeche state. So beautiful are these beautiful lands.

The El Zacatal Bridge, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche State, Mexico
The El Zacatal Bridge, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche State, Mexico

All those visitors who have been able to walk along its paths confirm this state is full of enigmas, stories, legends, culture, and traditions that have been sculpted throughout history.

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Let’s go then to the Magno side A and B of the Campeche state.

Side A


The Calakmul archaeological site and the biosphere reserve of the same name. One of the places where the magnificent ancient Maya culture established an emblematic site, the “Reino de la Serpeiente” (Kingdom of the snake).

Traveling to Calakmul or the city of the “Dos Montículos Adyacentes” (Two Adjacent Mounds) is to enter into a historic odyssey, which will lead you to contemplate fascinating pyramidal structures, squares, and residential complexes. Additionally, the ancient Maya paths, the so-called “Sacbes,” or white roads that communicated the different architectural ensembles.

Places such as the “Gran Acropolis” with its temples and open spaces, the large plaza sheltered by the great pyramid, as well as the small acropolis make up only part of the historic sites that you can now visit.

Calakmul Archaeological Site Pyramid and Rainforest View, Campeche State, Mexico
Calakmul Archaeological Site Pyramid and Rainforest View, Campeche State, Mexico

Additionally to the Maya stelae, those carved relief representations in the rock that show Maya’s historic passages and the Calakmul rulers’ greatness that reigned in these lands, the fact of being surrounded by the rainforest’s sounds will make you feel alive again.

As any archaeological site in Mexico, and depending on its size and proportions, there are several tour types.

Depending on your likings, you may want to tour all the available structures and temples open to the visitor.

In Calakmul, you’ll be able to synthesize the routes through these historical buildings with two types of routes:

1. The long route that covers most of the available Calakmul structures, and

2. The short route that only goes through the essential buildings, like the great pyramid and the Gran Acropolis.

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Side B


The side B, the other light’s angle. The Calakmul Maya site is away from the cities’ comforts.

The archaeological zone of Calakmul, as I have already mentioned above, is located in the Calakmul biosphere reserve, where some services that some tourists identify as first-class restaurants and convenience stores aren’t abundant there. Moreover, there isn’t anyone.

The typical recommendations to visit a natural paradise like this one are never too much, such as wearing light clothing made of natural fabrics, comfortable shoes, protective sunglasses, and preferably biodegradable sunscreen.

Another Magno side B. Did you want to upload your selfies to your social media in Calakmul? Did you want to send many WhatsApp messages to your contacts, presuming them that you visited Calakmul? Did you want to make that phone call that you always forget when you leave the hotel?

Well, I have news for you. Both, in the biosphere reserve and the archaeological zone, the cell phone signal isn’t very present, to say. I may say, most of the time, you find no cell phone signal at all.

Edzná Archaeological Site View, Campeche State, Mexico
Edzná Archaeological Site View, Campeche State, Mexico

So, please take it philosophically. After all, detaching yourself a little from the internet and its benefits won’t harm you for a few hours.

The Magno Recommendation:


I can give you several, not just one. When you visit the Calakmul’s archaeological zone, it’s tempting to ascend the pyramids to contemplate the fascinating and majestic landscapes of the Campeche’s lush rainforest that shelters Calakmul.

I wouldn’t say it’s a show. It’s quite an amazing experience. However, ascending a pre-Hispanic pyramid has specific observations that you must consider to avoid falling off.

One way that I always recommend visitors is to ascend diagonally to those historical buildings. This way, you stand at the pyramid’s base, either on the left or right side, facing the steps. From there, begin to perform an upward movement diagonally.

I explain myself. For example, if you stand in the pyramid’s staircase left side, start to ascend in a straight line diagonally towards the right side.

Once you come at one side that delimits the pyramid’s steps, you can now continue with the upward movement towards the opposite side, ascending diagonally once again until you get to the pyramid’s top.

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Another Magno recommendation. Don’t forget to bring some spare food along the way as the transportation times towards the archaeological site and the closest cities, if they aren’t strenuous, they take some time. Please don’t forget a trash bag because trash cans are also rare there.

Campeche is a sea of ​​treasures to explore day after day. However, Campeche isn’t only Calakmul.

The state’s capital city and some other charming towns and villages like Hecelchakán, Palizada, Champotón, Escárcega, Hopelchén among several others, will transport you into a delicious and astonishing journey to know why Campeche is one of Mexico’s safest and relaxed living states.

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