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A view of Cancun beaches towards Punta Nizuc, southern Cancun 02
A view of Cancun beaches towards Punta Nizuc, southern Cancun 02

Cancun Side A and B No. 1 in 2022

Cancun Side A and B No. 1

Analysis of Mexico and Cancún Destinations by Franco Magno

Cancún, state of Quintana Roo. Hi! all my Magno travelers who love beautiful places full of culture and who enjoy Mexico to the fullest.

I’ve been several times to Riviera Maya (Note: Maya is the culture, Mayan is the language, so, Maya Riviera or Riviera Maya), and I always discover new quaint hidden gems.

A view of Cancun beaches towards Punta Nizuc, southern Cancun 01
A view of Cancun beaches towards Punta Nizuc, southern Cancun 01

Cancún, the beach destination par excellence of Quintana Roo’s state eastern shore. It’s a treasure chest for the permanent exploration, endless fascinating experiences.

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So, let’s move on to Magno side A and side B.

Side A


Beaches, beaches, and more beaches. Tortugas beach, Dolphins beach, Chac Mool beach, Whales beach, Las Perlas beach, Punta Nizuc beach, etc.

Over 15 beaches will allow you to experience the world-famous white-sand produced by millions of parrotfish that delights every visitor, in addition to all the attractions you can experience right there: archaeological sites, coral reefs, nightlife, shopping centers, natural attractions, etc.

A view of Cancun beaches towards Punta Nizuc, southern Cancun 02
A view of Cancun beaches towards Punta Nizuc, southern Cancun 02

You can conquer all these great attractions by moving through the “Boulevard Kukulcán,” the main avenue and threshold that gives you access to Cancún’s hotel zone, which has an approximate extension of 26 km long (16.15 miles).

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Side B


Many visitors, a myriad of attractions, lots of fun. However, all this has its price in high holiday seasons and weekends.

Driving through the Boulevard and on the “Punta Nizuc” highway, the only two avenues that give access and run through Cancún is an experience where you will pass by most of the attractions here, but you’ll live the intense traffic life too.

From its beginning at the “Kilómetro Cero,” located at the confluence of “Bonampak” and “Cobá” avenues, this place is the key spot to admire the fountain known as “Las Serpientes.”

The “Boulevard Kukulcán” is surrounded by top-notch and several category hotels. All the destination’s essential city services have their presence here.

The Boulevard Kukulcán in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
The Boulevard Kukulcán in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

The “Punta Nizuc-Cancún” highway also runs through the hotel zone from the airport to its confluence with the Boulevard mentioned above at the point where journeyers can find the “Pok ta Pok” golf course.

Urban collective transport buses, tour operator vehicles, private vehicles, motorcycles, and some night curious crocodiles move their souls here.

The Magno Recommendation:


If you are going to visit the beaches, major tourism attractions, or the shops of some tourist services providers located in these two avenues, try to do it early or mid-morning to avoid the crowds. This way, you won’t fail to be on time for your tours’ schedule or day travel plans.

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After the early morning, you may require some patience to get around Cancún. It’s unnecessary to repeat it. If you have to be on time to take a tour or a walk, don’t think twice.

Once you move within the hotel zone, there are no alternative streets or ways to reach all those attractions in Mexico’s premier vacation destination.

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