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Hey Magno!!! Your Blog Is Very Chido!!!
Hey Magno!!! Your Blog Is Very Chido!!!

Chale Chido and Carnal. Funny Slang in Mexico City

Chale Chido and Carnal. Funny Slang in Mexico City

Mexico City is a Place for Curious Listeners Who Like to Learn Something New

Mexico City represents a melting pot of over 500 years of miscegenation in all life activities.

Without any doubt, the language and basic codes of communication that any visitor can experience in the land of the sun, jaguars, and eagles (I mean, Mexico) may take them to astonishing and bewilderment fields.

One of Mexico’s wealthiest areas represents its vocal and language expressions. Those particular words, either informal or slang, which take by storm the Spanish language formal comfort area.

Mexico’s capital city isn’t a safe and divine heaven for those orthodox Spanish language lovers.

My dear Mexican city fellows always find ingenious and smart, funny ways to tweak Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s language to spaces clearly surprising.

This way, my dear Magno readers, I’ll describe three small capital’s “linguistic gems.” You’ll perhaps hear them on your journey in Mexico as soon as you get off the plane in “Tlaloc’s” (Ancient Aztec god for the rain) lands.

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If you have been here before, it could turn out you may have already listened to them.

If not, please fasten your pants (or skirt) belt. A few Mexico’s city soft slang vocabulary turbulences will show up ahead.




Having said this, please don’t put the blame on me that I didn’t warn you at all thoroughly. No scowling or complaints accepted. No squeaky readers accepted.

No “I’m taking my travel’s blog reading business elsewhere” blackmailing or snotty toddlers’ tantrums accepted.

Are you ready? Ok.

The above lines were intended to harden your spirits because some refined people may identify these funny, popular Mexico’s city slang words as somewhat tacky, naff, or vulgar.


1.) Chale!


I’m sorry, my loyal followers. How could I not avoid mentioning this word in the first place? Chale! has been a word that I’ve heard the most over 35 years since I own reason.

This Mexico’s city soft slang expression word (and you can also hear it in some other central Mexico states from time to time) encompasses a series of diverse mood states.

Chale!! My Boyfriend Isn't On Time Once Again, Says My Friend Here In Mexico
Chale!! My Boyfriend Isn’t On Time Once Again, Says My Friend Here In Mexico

Through the expression of this term, it reveals a light disappointing, or surprising reaction showing peoples’ back-end feelings or emotions.

This situation appears when they face a situation or a saying, which involves certain disappointing, frustrating, or surprising happenings.

For example, when the fan’s favorite soccer team lost a match severely, I mean it was “beaten to a pulp,” that’s the usual and perfect situation for the Chale! to appear. Some other “useful” examples. Here I go:

“Mexico’s national soccer team was defeated 0-3 by Madagascar’s national team.” Chale!!

“Last year, regular salaries decreased by 10%, and public transportation fares increased by 5%.” Chale!!

“My girlfriend left me and married my neighbor!” Chale!!

“Last night, I heard my cousin doing three animal sounds at the same time!! Chale!!

Chale! Chale! Chale!

Chale!!! What Else I Can Do, Says My Friend Here in Mexico
Chale!!! What Else I Can Do, Says My Friend Here in Mexico

Did you notice? When some situations occur like the examples given above, then the unavoidable Chale! appears.

Is it clear? Chale! reveals frustration, disappointment, slight anger, or surprise.

What if, any given Sunday, you are about to go camping with your family, and just out of the blue, your boss calls you on the phone to ask you:

Can you please come to work? Chale!

Have you learned something new, my dear Magno friends? Chale!! That Magno just went crazy!


2.) Chido(s)!/Chida(s)! (Singular Masculine (Plural)/Singular Feminine (Plural)


Another artillery piece of the “Chilangos” (Expression utilized either to name the people who come from inland Mexico to the capital’s city and the people born here indistinctively).

Hey Magno!!! Your Blog Is Very Chido!!!
Hey Magno!!! Your Blog Is Very Chido!!!

Unique, approving, and definitive expression to say or qualify that something or someone is nice or just great.

They can also use it when any given situation, happening, cause, or circumstance is really good, positive, excellent, remarkable, outstanding, very cool, or simply rocks!

Did you get it? No? No problem. Let me dress this concept out:


“Hey Juan, did you buy a new car, correct? “Yes, I bought a Ferrari.” “Oh, my Goodness! It’s very Chido!!

“How lucky your sister is. At her sister-in-law’s wedding, she was dancing with a guy who danced very well!” “Chido!! That’s really cool!”

Hey Franco This Post Is Very Chido!!!
Hey Franco This Post Is Very Chido!!!

“Hey, Peter! I heard you traveled to Mexico’s Puebla and Oaxaca’s states last month to eat “Mole Mexicano.” Was it tasty?”
“Tasty,”? Those “Moles” were very Chidos!!”

“Hey, guys! Santa Claus brought me three gaming consoles. Wow!! they are very Chidas!!”

Do you see now Magno readers? Yes, I’m noticing this post is going very Chido!!

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3.) Carnal(es)!/Carnala(as)! (Singular Masculine (Plural)/Singular Feminine (Plural)


Another very popular, soft slang “pearl” from capital city locals.

You’ll find that “Carnal” is the appropriate and formal term in a Spanish dictionary search to designate a person who has some consanguineous relationship in a family. That’s it. Simple as it shows.

I'm Sorry Mexican Guys, I Said Carnal
I’m Sorry Mexican Guys, I Said Carnal

However, the inventive, prolific, and inspired Mexicans living in central Mexico have taken the term “Carnal” beyond the family’s core home’s front door.

“Carnal” is used to refer to a friend.

Yet, its usage goes one level above to designate a very close friend, a person that is almost a “brother” or a “buddy,” too.

A “Carnal” is that loyal friend at heart, who is always present in good and bad times, who “se la rifa” (That is, who goes out of one’s way to help him). (Se la rifa or gets the “raffle,” another Mexico’s soft slang term).

A “Carnal” is always omnipresent, maybe not like a guardian angel, but available to help us out when we need them.

Would you like some “Carnal” usage examples? No problem, at your service.


“I’m going to the disco tonight with my friends. Do you want to join us? Sure!, but let me take a “Carnal” with me too.”

“Hey, guys! The final soccer match is on Sunday. I’ll prepare a barbecue! Great! Let me shop for some beers, and I’ll call my “Carnales!”

“Are you ready for your friend’s wedding, Laura? Yes, no problem at all. One of my “Carnalas” lent me her car.”

“Come on! I just asked for you to buy two pizzas, and now you come with four? What’s going on? No problem, man, the pizza shop owner is my “Carnal.”

Did You Say That I'm Your Carnal In Mexico
Did You Say That I’m Your Carnal In Mexico

“Hey, Pancho! You must be a magician! Every time you’re on troubles, you get rid of them like you take your socks off!

No, I’m not a magician at all! It’s because I have a great crew of “Carnales.”

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Were you able to understand me, my Magno supporters?

Well, to be honest with you, I hope you have spent a great “Chido” time reading this uncommon post.

Was this post a little large? “Chale!” I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.

I just wanted to finish this article by saying that you are very “Chidos” for reading until these final lines.

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This way, you won’t be my followers only; you’ll become my “Carnales.”

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