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Basaseachi Waterfall View, Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua State, Mexico
Basaseachi Waterfall View, Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua State, Mexico

Chihuahua State Side A and B

Chihuahua State Side A and B Chapter 01


Destinations’ Analysis by Franco Magno


Big and impressive. Extensive and varied. This is Chihuahua state. Mexico’s big state.

The state that treasures magnificent natural beauties. The state where and one of Mexico’s impressive indigenous nations, the “Rarámuris,” or also known as the “Tarahumaras,” live here.

Chihuahua's Mountainous Landscape View, Chihuahua State, Mexico
Chihuahua’s Mountainous Landscape View, Chihuahua State, Mexico

It’s a destination apart. A state that also earned a remarkable place in Mexico’s.

The Mexican revolution also understood why Chihuahua is the place where these beautiful northern lands captivate local and strangers sights.

So let’s go to the Magno side A and B of Chihuahua state.


Side A


The “Barrancas del Cobre” (Copper Canyon). More than a tourist destination by itself. It’s a whole region full of incredible gems to explore.

From the impressive viewpoint of “Cerro del Gallego,” admiring the “Cusárare” waterfall, and being fascinated by the “Basaseachi” waterfall national park, the “Barrancas del Cobre” or also known in English as the “Copper Canyon” make Chihuahua a pure delightful destiny to conquer.

Basaseachi Waterfall View, Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua State, Mexico
Basaseachi Waterfall View, Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua State, Mexico

More sides A in the “Barrancas del Cobre”?

Of course. The so-called viewpoints of “Divisadero,” the “Rukiraso” waterfall, and the “Arareco” lake, among others that would give you another unique and majestic memory of this Chihuahua’s natural wonder.

Well, and how can you conquer so much beauty? Through the so-called “Chihuahua Pacífico” train, or also known as “El Chepe.”


Side B


Ther’es another side to give it a thought. The distances to travel between tourist attractions available to the visitor.

Due to its geographical composition, Chihuahua’s state is quite extensive and broad, in addition to the fact that several mountain ranges run across the state’s relief.

Of course, and as I’ve mentioned on previous posts, the side B is that other facet of life when knowing new places, when entering into the land’s wonders you want to explore.

To cite just one example. The distance that takes you to travel from Chihuahua’s capital city to Ciudad Juárez bordering city to the USA is approximately four hours on the federal highway 45D. By the way, it isn’t a curvy highway at all.

Making a small comparison, the time it takes you to travel by highway from Mexico City to the beautiful, magical village of San Miguel de Allende located in Guanajuato state is approximately three hours and fifty minutes.

Taking into account this distance, you can give an idea of ​​the broad dimensions that Chihuahua’s state enjoys on its territory.

Barrancas del Cobre View, Chihuahua State, Mexico
Barrancas del Cobre View, Chihuahua State, Mexico

This way, moving around general Pancho Villa’s state will take you some hours. Please enjoy the ride before you reach your final destinations.


The Magno Recommendation:


The first Magno travel recommendation for Chihuahua’s state.

It’s quite recommendable to foresee and calculate the time it takes you to travel from one state’s point to another.

This way, you won’t lose the great possibility of contemplating those sunrises and sunsets at the points where you can fill your souls with those unmissable moments.

Believe me. Magical energies exist at the different view and observation points that you can find along the “Barrancas del Cobre.”

The second Magno piece of recommendation for Chihuahua’s state is the following one.

Having a ride aboard the “Chihuahua Pacífico” train. This experience will turn itself into a real visual banquet experience. An odyssey with some of the most beautiful Chihuahua’s state natural sceneries views. Those visual treasures will appear right outside the train’s windows.

So, like an old western cowboy, have your cameras ready to shoot and capture those colorful live paintings and unforgettable postcards.

Many people say here in Mexico that the typical expression Ah Chihuahua!! represent a light degree of annoyance. It may also show a small degree of anger. Some others say it’s an expression to show surprise, enthusiasm, and joy.

My Magno followers that’s all true. However, when you visit Chihuahua state, you can shout, Ah Chihuahua!  with all your chest power.

When you see all those Barrancas del Cobre Mother Nature’s wonders, you can shout Ah Chihuahua!! When you live and fascinate with all the Chihuahua’s majestic places, food, art, history, and culture, you can shout powerfully Ah Chihuahua!!. I’ll do it every time that I’m there.

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