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Coahuila State Side A and B

Mexico’s Destinations Analysis by Franco Magno


Ever since I was a boy, I have already heard about this State. The references that I had in those years was that it was a mountainous, desert state and that some exciting passages of Mexican history had taken place in these northern lands.


However, as I was getting old to travel, I discovered that those ideas and thoughts that I had a few springs ago about Coahuila State only represented a small idea of ​​what is one of the most enigmatic states in Mexico.

Some fascinating lands where the unique lifestyle that winegrowing provides will give us the best experiences in Mexico. Let’s go then to the Magno side A and B of Coahuila State.




The so-called wine tourism. The state of Coahuila is one of the leading wine producers in Mexico. There is an exciting experience. A tourist route called the “Wine route”.


With more than 20 wineries that produce tons of wine and vine producing regions, Coahuila presents us with a series of exciting experiences to discover concerning wine tourism.


It was precisely in the year 1597 that the first vineyard in the American continent saw the birth of light. The place? Parras de la Fuente, a magical town of this majestic state.


Carrying out wine tourism in the wineries will offer us unique moments since it will not only be the opportunity to taste a good wine, but also to know the production processes and the whole fascinating world that encompasses the world of the vine.


From restaurants, accommodations, museums, walks, wine bars, etc., the options to fully immerse yourself in the exciting world of red and white wines in Coahuila territory, this is an experience that you have to live at least once in your life.


Wine tourism makes up a small gear of what adventure tourism represents in the state of Coahuila because although tourism based on wine is not an activity that will fill us completely with great moments of adrenaline by itself, launching into the adventure of Coahuila’s wine world, will leave us an indelible mark in this state.




In Coahuila, in spring and summer seasons, it is hot. Sometimes very hot. Before you can experience the fantastic sides and angles that the enological world has in store for us in Coahuila, we must first hydrate ourselves very well.


To give you an example, the average temperatures that can be reached in summer can be around 40 ° C (104 ° F), and rains can be scarce. However, this does not impede to experience unique moments that this type of special tourism has for us in the homelands of the historic Mexican Revolution’s President, Francisco I. Madero.


So dealing with heat should not be a barrier that prevents us from enjoying all the natural beauties and excellent adventure tourism options, since Coahuila offers perfect places in many regions throughout the State where you can cool off from the intense hot weather.


The Magno Recommendation


The Magno travel recommendations that are never too much and that later, due to the din of travel transfers, we may get overlooked is to wear comfortable clothes of natural fabrics and light colors, wear a good hat, right glasses for the sun and some sunscreen (preferably biodegradable; thank you) and of course a good bottle of water will allow you to concentrate your minds, souls and senses on your fascinating odyssey through the world of the vine.


Coahuila is not a state that usually stands out within the panorama of the Mexican states that generally capture the majority of tourism, both national and foreign.


However, if we stop a little to analyze all those good tourism and first-quality experiences options that Coahuila offers us, we will schedule not one, but several visits to Coahuila. Don’t forget to follow me on social media and right here at francomagnomexico.com

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