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Five Essentials You Should Visit in Tepoztlán Morelos

Tepoztlán Is a Magical Village That Catches Visitors’ Souls For Sure


It’s a Mexico’s and Morelos state magical village. It’s an amazing destination. It’s colorful. It’s quaint. It’s astounding. It’s Tepoztlán.

This unique tourism spot may be small in territory, but enormous in attractions that allure and catch visitors’ attention from all over the world. Every time I think about how I became a Mexico’s travel blogger, Tepoztlán comes to my mind.

I’ve been visiting this marvelous spot over thirty times in the last twenty-five years.

This dazzling land has recently become an unmissable Morelos’ state point of interest. A place when the spring never ends. On every visit I make to “Tepoz,” I always breathe those hidden secrets that mesmerize the traveler’s attention.

Gushes of fresh air that enrapture my senses with its awesome jewels. Gems like its lush vegetation. Gems like its history, art, and culture. Gems like its formidable natural setting.

The scents of its typical Sunday’s market are a dreamy meeting of fragrances, textures, flavors, and fascinating traveling experiences. Some people say that Mexico has a unique charm at some traditional villages that capture the explorer’s eyes. Tepoztlán is one of those charming villages.

As I usually mention in my posts, going through a traditional Mexican market is entering into a dimension of alternate experiences where all your senses will work as dimensional perception points.

Something is for sure here. While you go forth on those typical and provincial cobblestone streets, several colorful images will deserve not only one, but several pictures.

I’m still fascinated to continue discovering all those hidden codes that make a visit to this incredible town such a delicious journey.

In this way, what can a visitor do to start marveling at those Tepoztlán art masterpieces? Well, I provide you here with the must five unmissable attractions for you to understand Tepoztlán’s identity.

So, here I go straight to five of Tepoztlán’s essentials.


1. The “El Cerro del Tepozteco” (Tepozteco hill).


The charms begin here. By walking on the “Avenida del Tepozteco,” you’ll reach the base of the basaltic cliffs that rise imposingly before your eyes.

After you go up through the path made of slab rocks among a steep gorge of approximately 500 meters high (1,640.42 feet), there’s a pyramid dedicated to the Aztec god “Ome Tochtli” (Two Rabbit in its Náhuatl ancient language meaning) located at the hill’s top.

It’s an archaeological site area ruled by the “INAH” (National Institute of Anthropology and History).


2. The “Ex Convento de la Natividad de Tepoztlán.”


After Mexico’s conquest, the Dominican Order friars and missioners undertook the project to erect this monumental church between the years of 1555 and 1580.

It’s conveniently located at Tepoztlán’s downtown area, surrounded by the “Barrio de la Santísima” and “Barrio de Santo Domingo” neighborhoods’ territories. It’s considered a world heritage site declared by the “Unesco” in 1994. This mystical site comprises a religious temple, a museum, and a documentation center.

You can easily complete a visit to this magnificent history’s witness in three hours. Right here, you can surprise your traveling eyes by admiring the 16th-century original fresco paintings painted in the walls beside the hallways of this ex-convent.


3. The Tepoztlán Sundays’ market.


I always recommend my followers to visit Mexico’s typical fruit and food markets. And I won’t stop doing it. Visiting a typical market in Mexico is stepping a foot into another dimension.

A dimension for Mexican exclusive food aromas, vibrant colors, and fantastic textures that seizes your senses on them.

At this market, you can find local fruits and vegetables and the famous “Itacates,” which they are a kind of “gorditas” (Corn flour baked round pieces) dressed with cheese and Mexico’s typical tomato sauces.

You can also taste there the “Mole Tepozteco,” in addition to a myriad of appetizing stews with meat and vegetables. That’s perfect. But what about the desserts? Well, Tepoztlán is home to the world-famous, unique and divine, super tasty and marvelous, the crown’s jewels, the “Tepoznieves.”

They are delicious and exceptional fruit-flavored ice creams, and non-dairy, fruit-flavored iced desserts, which will delight your palates for sure.


4. Get a revitalizing experience at spas and healing centers.


From simple spas where you can have a relaxing bath with mineralized waters, and the “Temazcales” (Mexico’s Prehispanic and traditional kind of saunas), Tepoz has a vast lodging offer for everybody. Hotels with therapeutic massages to detoxify your body and soul are magnificent options as well. Tepoztlán is a premier spot for all those healthy options.

Aura reading, meditation centers, massage spas, and Asian healing techniques. Everything is here. Let’s not forget that the healthy and revitalizing “Temazcal” is the healing treatments’ star. Let me also tell you that the “Temazcal” is a real ritual to detoxify and have an encounter with yourself as well.

You’ll be assisted in this healthy heat session by medicine herbs, and water steam enclosed in an igloo-like module that creates a healing and revitalizing micro-climate.


5. The “Reto al Tepozteco” (Tepozteco’s challenge).


The main festivity of this magical and mesmerizing Morelos’ state village. The also known as the “Altepeilhuitl” (Ancient Náhuatl word that means the Village’s Party) takes place every year on September’s the 7th and 8th.

This celebration commemorates the acceptance and conversion to the catholic religion by the Prehispanic king “Tepuztécatl” in the 16th century.

As soon as the nearby villages lords of “Oaxtepec,” “Yautepec,” “Cuauhnahuac” (Nowadays Cuernavaca city, Morelos’ state capital), and “Tlayacapan” knew about this happening, they went to “challenge” or face off Tepoztlán’s king.

Music, festive ambiance, typical divine food, traditional dances, and a theatrical performance commemorating the Reto al Tepozteco, compound Tepoztlán’s majestic and premier celebration.

Is this enough? Not at all. Tepoztlán is a permanent mystical and amazing experiences’ vortex that engraves any traveler’s soul.

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