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Yes, It's Possible to Save Money in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur State, Mexico
Yes, It's Possible to Save Money in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur State, Mexico

Is It Possible to Save Money When Visiting Los Cabos?

Is It Possible to Save Money When Visiting Los Cabos?

Magno Followers, We Need to Talk Before You Go to Los Cabos.

Los Cabos, Mexico. I understand this thought perfectly, my Magno readers.

Perhaps in your home countries, you have had the opportunity to see mass media campaigns promoting Mexico’s world-class holiday destination of Los Cabos.

Los Cabos comprehend Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo towns.

A destination where dreams come true, a paradise in the Baja California Peninsula that is accessible to all sun-seekers and thirsty adventurers.

The Arco de Cabo San Lucas or Also Known As The Arco del Fin del Mundo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur State, Mexico
The Arco de Cabo San Lucas or Also Known As The Arco del Fin del Mundo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur State, Mexico

I won’t overwhelm you with the typical travel money-saving advice that seems to apply in many parts of the world.

That kind of advice which recommends sleeping in a rural bed and breakfast instead of staying at a hotel.

Not my dear Magno friends.

There’s a kind of savvy knowledge that you can learn when you visit any given destination frequently.

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By repeating your visits to a vacation center like Los Cabos, you’ll get used to understanding other omnipresent realities that only northern Mexico’s sunny lands know how to cook.

Those matters that go unnoticed when you only ask a travel agent for money-saving tips in this earth’s side.

Optimizing your budgets in Los Cabos is definitely possible.

In this way, I describe here some recommendations, courtesy of your Mexico’s traveling insider who has lived and walked long enough in Mexico to discover those other coin sides.

First, I’ll tell you about transportation from Los Cabos International Airport to San José and Cabo San Lucas towns through the tourist corridor.

Believe it or not, the old sport of negotiating a fare without being stingy or offensive to all those who make a living by providing tourist services is definitely possible.


First Magno recommendation. From a traveling lover to all of you.


Avoid being victims of the “silent hook” technique. Of what? Silent hook.

Not all taxi service providers practice it, but some of them do. Let me cite one clear example so that you can get the core idea about how this wise technique works for all these guys.

Yes, It's Possible to Save Money in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur State, Mexico
Yes, It’s Possible to Save Money in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur State, Mexico

You just arrived at Los Cabos International Airport. Nice flight.

A sunny sky, a warm destination, and friendly locals welcome you.

I guess most of you may come tired from the flight, and you just want to get to your hotel as fast as possible to take a rest or start enjoying Cabos’ wonders.

As soon as you leave the baggage claim area heading to the airport’s exit, some characters working in collaboration with taxi sites address newly arrived tourists offering them taxi services to Los Cabos.

The same way it may work at any world’s airport. It’s typical. You may ask this person how much the service costs.

Then after, this guy I’m referring to shuts up, doesn’t say anything, turns around, and starts walking heading towards the taxi boarding bay close to the exit gates outside the airport where these cars usually park in.

Some of you, maybe not all of you, start following him naturally. Once this person manages to take you to the taxis’ boarding area, that’s the moment and place when they tell you the service price.

Voilà! They caught you. You’ve already been a victim of the “silent hook” technique.

Los Cabos Baja California Sur State Isn't So Expensive If You Follow Some Advice; Mexico
Los Cabos Baja California Sur State Isn’t So Expensive If You Follow Some Advice; Mexico

This psychological technique is a mental pressure action for you to find yourself, as we usually say here in Mexico, cornered between the sword and the wall.

I understand most of these people are hard-working guys, and they do their best to catch visitors’ preferences.

However, I consider that these kinds of practices are close to being unethical in my travel blogger’s perspective.

As an international visitor in Mexico, you may not know that exerting a taxi service concession at any of Mexico’s high transit airports like Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, or Cancún, is like having the hen of the golden eggs.

I say this because you may find yourselves from time to time amidst some friendly conversations with some taxi drivers and their associate co-workers who may tell you the following prepared statement.

“No, sir, I’m sorry, that’s an urban myth. Airport taxi services are no business anymore.”

Sure! It’s such a bad business that even with the competence of app transportation services like Uber, they don’t leave this business.

I mean, bad business, no profitable at all, but they don’t leave it. Weird businesses, those ones. Instead of earning revenues, they pay to do the business. WTF?

This way, getting back to the taxi fares negotiation at boarding areas, the first fare you get from them is something like 20%, 30%, or even up to 40% higher than the regular ones.

I learned from this reality after three or four times of “hard-on-site-lessons” when I started doing my first solo travels.

Many visitors, out of pity or because they don’t intend to argue with taxi drivers or their assistants, accept the price they offer you. That’s it. Match ended. You 0, Taxi Business 1.

Courageous visitors will persist and will negotiate down prices.

Yes, It's Possible to Save Money in Los Cabos If You Follow Magno Advice, Baja California Sur State, Mexico
Yes, It’s Possible to Save Money in Los Cabos If You Follow Magno Advice, Baja California Sur State, Mexico

The art of price haggling at its best.

Some others, the lesser ones, will just turn around and will go back to the terminal to look for different transportation options.

Negotiating prices never hurts. I understand perfectly that many taxi drivers and transporters make an honest living by offering their essential services to visitors.

However, several tough travelers will take advantage of their needs and go far beyond what I may call ethical negotiation techniques.

I haven’t forgotten that occasion when I traveled to Los Cabos. The first offer I received to get to Los Cabos from the airport was about MXN 620.

Five minutes after I assessed this situation, the woman who offered me the transportation service reduced the service’s cost to MXN 395.

Sometimes thinking two or three times things and playing the role of a reasonable and ethical saving tourist doesn’t hurt anybody and can result in interesting savings. Still, these service providers make a decent profit.

There’s an infallible famous saying in Mexico that goes this way: “Dependiendo del sapo es la pedrada” (Depending on the toad’s size, it’s the stone size you throw at it). Please, my Magno readers, don’t boast you are big toads.

Second Magno Recommendation. The Mexican “Auto Sardina” (Canned-sardines automobile) gives you a snack of delicious savings. No crackers needed.

Some years ago, an amusement park located in southern Mexico City had a promotion called the “auto sardina.”

That is, in any sedan car, if 5, 9, 12, or 15 people fitted, all of them tight and choking each other, they only paid one person’s fare.

You can apply the same technique when leaving the San Jose del Cabo airport. Well, I mean, not the exact way with twenty other guys into the same vehicle. There are collective vans and suv’s services that you can take advantage of. This way, you can share the trip with other visitors heading to Los Cabos.

There’s also a city bus route that offers outstanding quality services from the airport to Los Cabos.

Los Cabos is great, isn’t it? Let me suggest you rent a car to drive in Los Cabos.

Why? Because it’s very convenient and taking advantage of the affordable rates that my partners of Discover Cars offer you here or Economy Bookings that you can get here, driving in Los Cabos will be trouble-free. Thank you very much for supporting me.

The “Ruta del Desierto” (Desert Drive). Comfortable, air-conditioned buses and plausible quality service.

However and due to the passenger number it transports, it can make stops along the way, a situation that passengers accustomed to taxi services won’t like it.

On the other side, another fantastic way to conquer Los Cabos is by renting a car. Believe me, by booking in advance, renting a car can be cheaper per day than paying for a taxi.

Third and last Magno recommendation. Many people in Los Cabos make a living by helping or guiding tourists in downtown or surrounding Cabo’s points of interest.

These friends ask for a tip in exchange for their noble and legitimate services. Not bad at all.

However, if you plan on tipping everyone who approaches you to answer a question or the one who tells you the day’s hour, make sure you have a relative who works in a bank. This relative should provide you with enough “cash” for all the services you’ll be tipping there.

They “work hard for the money,” would say the lovely and memorable American singer Donna Summer.

Sunsets Are Another Way For Los Cabos Baja California Sur State to Catch and Delight Your Senses; Mexico
Sunsets Are Another Way For Los Cabos Baja California Sur State to Catch and Delight Your Senses; Mexico

So, you work hard for saving in Los Cabos as well. Otherwise, you work hard for tipping my Baja’s Sur country fellows.

Now, what is the result of combining fantastic accommodation options at very affordable prices and awesome tours? Hostelworld and Musement.

These partners of mine offer you excellent lodging rates here and amazing tour options here, so that you can enjoy Los Cabos to the fullest. Thank you very much for supporting me.

Finally, I don’t deny that locals’ knowledge is critical and fundamental to having a different perspective for the destination you walk in.

Please be sure to support those who genuinely give you legitimate help or truly require your support.

I’m talking about the Mexican artisans who go forth and back in Los Cabos public areas like beaches and main avenues, offering their beautiful typical handicrafts in a multitude of materials and colors.

Most of the time, they find no support from anybody except from friendly visitors like you.

Finally, before I conclude this article, could I ask you:

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