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The Former Hospicio Cabañas now the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara Capital City, Jalisco State, Mexico
The Former Hospicio Cabañas now the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara Capital City, Jalisco State, Mexico

Jalisco State Side A and B No. 1

Jalisco State Side A and B No. 1

Analysis of Mexico and Jalisco State Destinations by Franco Magno

The state of Jalisco. Mexico really catches on.

When you have in any given country over forty million tourists a year, you can’t be wrong.

Forgive me, my Magno followers, but I think I’ll have to take the arrogance of dissenting from the master painter artist Salvador Dalí.

Yes, that last century great Spanish surrealist colorful creator who once said. “No way I’m going back to Mexico. I can’t bear to be in a country more surreal than my paintings.”

Guadalajara's Capital City Cathedral, Jalisco State, Mexico
Guadalajara’s Capital City Cathedral, Jalisco State, Mexico

Well, I’m sorry once again, Master Dalí. I’ve been living here for over 40 years, and I’ve been touring Mexico for over 25 years.

One of those surrealist places is here in Jalisco, the land of the authentic Mexican spirit.

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Let’s go then to the Magno side A and B of Jalisco State.

Side A


Magno sides A of Jalisco? Many, many. It couldn’t be otherwise. The land of the “Mariachi,” the land of the traditional Mexican “Ranchera” song, the land of Tequila.

The land of beautiful handicrafts, the land where the Mexican spirit and tradition stayed to live permanently.

The magical village of Tequila Jalisco is its most representative and typical side A. But there are also others like Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, Tonalá, San Juan de Los Lagos, Puerto Vallarta, Lagos de Moreno, etc.

Tequila. This magnificent and imposing Mexican magical village is a real delight and an open-air museum representing a national treasure. It’s the cradle’s soul of one of the Mexican elixirs par excellence. One of the reference points of Mexico all over the globe, the Tequila.

Another Magno side A. The Tequila Express. The Tequila train. To approach it is to perceive the nostalgia of the past. It’s to live fantastic sensations with your eyes. It’s to catch all those memorable views that you’ll keep in your minds and souls forever.

Just the mere act of arriving in the magical village of Tequila, with its cultivated slopes full of “Agave Azul” plants, will leave you a mark that won’t be very easy to erase.

A delicious sensation that is placed into one’s soul depths.

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Side B


The side B. The coin’s other side. The rainy season. I definitely don’t consider the rainy season annoying at all.

Still, on the opposite, is the opportunity to access another reality where the showers allow you to contemplate Jalisco’s natural attractions differently.

The Former Hospicio Cabañas now the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara Capital City, Jalisco State, Mexico
The Former Hospicio Cabañas now the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara Capital City, Jalisco State, Mexico

I’m pretty sure you’ll watch Jalisco’s villages and towns in a different way from the usual form you can see them in non-rainy days.

Another side B of Jalisco. It isn’t the rains by themselves, but how the rains fall.

Here in Jalisco, it rains three levels beyond hard.

This season, which goes from May to the last week of September or mid-October, invites you to move around the beautiful Jalisco carefully.

I still remember that summer of 2012 in one of my several visits to Jalisco.

In only twenty minutes, the amount of rain that fell that night was of such magnitude that in other Mexico’s northern states take fifty minutes or more.

This way, my Magno followers, it’s no time wasted to plan your afternoon or evening tours with this natural happening in mind. Those “Jalisciences” rains usually appear at those times of the day.

Jalisco isn’t at all a state mainly covered by rainforests. However, due to its geographical composition, those showers here occur profusely.

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The Magno Recommendation:


First Magno Travel Recommendation. Don’t miss living the Tequila’s incredible world where traditions and fascinating stories have mixed for over two hundred years.

Guadalajara's Capital City Cathedral Side View, Jalisco State, Mexico
Guadalajara’s Capital City Cathedral Side View, Jalisco State, Mexico

Specialized tour agencies and even Tequila distillery factories will allow you to access to this fantastic world.

You can even tour those typical “Agave Azul” plantation sites.

It’s a sure time investment that’s going to marvel your senses with every one of Tequila’s production phases.

These odysseys comprise visits inside the distillery factories that will also allow you to taste samples of the different Tequila types they produce there.

Second Magno travel recommendation. Don’t miss the opportunity also to taste the exquisite representatives of Jalisco and Mexican gastronomy.

Jalisco is also a gastronomic journey where you can exercise your mouth’s palates through the most exquisite dishes of this state, delicious expressions of majestic state cuisine.

In Jalisco, you can satisfy your stomachs with the typical and unmissable “Pozole,” the typical Jalisco’s “Birria,” whose main ingredient is goat meat prepared in different ways.

The delicious and exquisite beef in its own juice, a typical state dish, and Guadalajara’s capital city too, will make your mouth water.

The Vallarta or Guadalajara's Archs, Guadalajara Capital City, Jalisco State, Mexico
The Vallarta or Guadalajara’s Archs, Guadalajara Capital City, Jalisco State, Mexico

Some other culinary expressions come from the hand of the “Torta Ahogada,” which is a dish prepared with “Bolillo” (wheat bread) in which pork, beans, sliced onion are bathed into a spicy red sauce.

Like many other Mexican states, Jalisco is genuinely a surreal painting, live and in full color.

Traveling its roads, admiring its natural and historic beauties, is to meet oneself’s traveler alter-ego.

Traveling in Jalisco is meeting the fascination of an experiment in your own life and flesh, the emotion of accessing an exotic land, full of colors, textures, and volumes that invite you to fascinate every one of your senses.

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