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Magno Travel Insights for Coahuila State

Magno Travel Insights for the Coahuila State


Hi, Magno readers! The Magno Insights are some of the learnings I’ve come to after 25 years of traveling experience in Mexico. By taking advantage of these inputs, you’ll go a little beyond on your trips in Mexico. Please take advantage of these recommendations that I consider useful for any kind of visitor.


So, some recommendations for Coahuila state are:


* Coahuila is a state with predominantly semi-dry, dry, and arid climates. Daytime visits in the spring and summer are more comfortable by wearing light clothing in natural fabrics.

Since Coahuila’s territory is mostly desertic and hot weather is remarkably present, that apparel will give more relaxed visits. Some warm clothing is ideal for night walkings since nights become cool, especially in the fall and winter.

* The best way I recommend start visiting Coahuila is to determine what you want to visit according to your likings. If they are cities, Torreon, Saltillo, Parras de la Fuente, or Ramos Arizpe will be a good start.

* If you prefer natural areas or ecological reserves, Coahuila has some of the best in Mexico to show off. We can begin to see treasures like the “Valle de Cuatro Ciénegas,” and the “Dunas de Yeso” also in Cuatro Ciénegas.

The “Dunas de Bilbao,” the “Cañón de la Lima,” the “Mina de Mármol,” and the National Park of “Los Novillos,”complement travelers’ plans since they offer fantastic nature spaces to admire Coahuila’s nature.

The Thermal Baths of the municipality of “Candela,” like the ones of “Ojo Caliente,” “Los Carricitos” and “Las Lajitas,” that are in the tourist corridor of the “Río Candela,” are more than excellent, superb and refreshing options to enjoy this Mexico’s northern state.

* Cuatrociénegas Coahuila. An unmissable tour to the flora and fauna protection area is one of those “you-have-to-be-here” tagged destinations. Nature treasures amaze locals and visitors alike. The thermal pools and the “Dunas de Yeso” are two treasures in Coahuila’s state lands that you shouldn’t miss at all in a lifetime.

Flora and fauna endemic to this place will stuff your cameras’ memories since Cuatrociénegas is a unique ecosystem in Mexico. Enjoy it.

* The “San Joaquin” Hot Springs. If you don’t visit the “Termas de San Joaquin,” you didn’t come to Coahuila. It’s not extremism.

This destination represents a Coahuila’s natural treasure that comes loaded with health through the sulfurous waters that range from 37 to 43°C (98 to 109°F). Relaxation, health, detoxification, and an experience that will engrave in your soul are assured here.

Besides, it’s a unique setting. This place is set like the ancient’s style of Roman thermal baths. Here, the best memories are those you will take home. Additionally, the great healthy experience you’ll be living here will make your return once again.

* More locations for hot springs? Sure friends. The magic villages of “Cuatro Ciénegas” and “Viesca.”

These Coahuila’s regions are also full of places with thermal waters, like the ones you can find in the “Ramos Arizpe,” “Frontera,” and “Ocampo” municipalities, among some others.

* Live a whole oenological experience in “Parras de la Fuente” magical village. The “Casa Madero,” since its foundation in 1568, is the gateway to the wine’s fascinating world.

This winery has been working since that year, offering superb Mexican wines. However, this place’s fascination doesn’t reside in the place by itself. It’s invisible to the eyes.

The best you can get from a “Casa Madero” tour is the magical and subtle experiences you’ll experience surrounded by great lifestyle moments.

Finally, just to close this mention, tours around the vineyards and “Casa Madero” will delight anyone. Certainly, you can taste here the best Coahuila’s wines. High-end tourism to round up a day.

Don’t you believe me? No problem. Here it goes one last Casa Madero pearl, and I go. You can go through all the vineyards on a horseback riding tour. Did you know that it was only possible in France, Spain, or the United States? I’m sorry.

But I have great news for you. Mexico also has fantastic experiences among nature paradises like Casa Madero’s one. Without forget mentioning, these tours are also available in Querétaro’s, Guanajuato’s, and Baja California Norte’s wineries lands.

* The Historic Center of Saltillo. Museums, parks, and public squares are waiting for you to discover the colonial history passage captured in historical buildings of luxurious architectural manufacture.

Among those historical treasures you can see the “Palacio de Gobierno,” the “Teatro del a Ciudad,” the “Catedral de Saltillo, and the “Plaza de la Nueva Tlaxcala,” among several others.

Museums such as the “Museo del Palacio,” “Museo del Sarape,” “Museo de la Katrina,” and the “Museo de Arte Sacro” will round off a memorable visit to this northern jewel. Besides, you can accompany this journey with excellent food that you can taste in the restaurants surrounding the main streets near the “Plaza de Armas” in the Historic Center.

* The “Canal de la Perla” in Torreón. A unique and fascinating experience under the streets of the Historic Center. A pedestrian walkway in an underground tunnel that housed an old aqueduct that served as an irrigation channel. It’s approximately 420 meters (.26 miles) long.

What else does it have? Masonry walls 90 centimeters (35.43 inches) thick, 4.50 meters (4.92 yards) space between walls and 4 to 6 meters (13.12 to 19.6 feet) tall approximately.

You can access this historical treasure through four different entrances. Once you be there, you’ll see the Franciscan-style vaulted ceiling for sure.  It’s a unique place that will allow you to take home unique impressions that will remain forever on your minds.

* Visit the world’s cradle of the famous, crunchy, and delicious “Nachos”! Yes. Mexicans, Mexicans, Mexicans. End of the discussion. Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico is the documented and officially recognized place where the “Nachos” were born. This recognition came in 1995.

The date they were born? 1943. The place of origin? The “El Moderno” restaurant. Who’s the Creator? The owner of the same restaurant, Mr. Ignacio Anaya.

What’s the “Fiesta”? The “Nacho Fest.” And the date? Every October’s second week in Piedras Negras city. Don’t forget to come with your stomachs empty. You can also show up with an indigestion treatment in case of need.

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