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With The Exception of Tourism Services Workers, Mexico City Inhabitants Don't Connect Too Much With Foreign Visitors; Mexico
With The Exception of Tourism Services Workers, Mexico City Inhabitants Don't Connect Too Much With Foreign Visitors; Mexico

Mexico City: Three Aspects Influencing Travelers’ Journeys

Mexico City: Three Aspects Influencing Travelers’ Journeys

Exercising Good Personality Traits to Have Memorable Journeys in Mexico City

Mexico City. The megalopolis. The great Valley of Mexico settlement, which some people call the “Valle del Anáhuac” or “Cuenca del Anáhuac.”

The ancient Aztec capital was founded under a legend and a myth. Founded under the continuous ancient migrant populations efforts who arrived in this valley from northwestern Mexico over seven-hundred years ago.

In fact, some original ancient populations occupied these lands since 1,300 years BC before that human exploit happened.

These human groups did notice that this basin situated at 2,220 meters (7283 feet) above sea level, was rich in natural resources that made it possible for human settlements to prosper in these regions.

In this way, modern migrants and travelers may feel ecstatic and fascinated nowadays with this city.

Several journeyers may experience confusion by the city’s gigantic dimensions in geography, traditions, and culture. By their tastes and smells as well. By everything.

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In Working Days Mexico City Inhabitants Are Usually In a Hurry
In Working Days Mexico City Inhabitants Are Usually In a Hurry

On the other hand, these capital’s city inhabitants dwelling these latitudes have developed their own particular ways of life to adapt to this megalopolis’ exigencies.

The development of social, cultural, and economic conditions have molded the way for the “Capitalinos” to live together in everyday life.

Our friendly visitors to Mexico City will inevitably run into some social coexistence elements that will turn into an unavoidable travel stopover in the ancient Aztec capital.

This way, I’ll describe three basic social coexistence aspects that will show up when you stay in this intriguing city. I recommend observing these aspects to have a smooth, gentle, and incredible traveling experience in the CDMX.


1.) Aspect number one. Many capital city people live their everyday activities five levels beyond what’s commonly called a rush.


With an area of approximately 1,485 sq. kilometers (573.36 sq. miles), some would call Mexico City a monster with thousand heads.

A reality with different dimensions that speak its own languages. That paints its own colors and emits its own sounds.

The rush that over 20 million inhabitants experience every day transmits itself to their workdays, which generally run from Monday to Friday.

Some of its inhabitants have Saturdays and even Sundays in their labor schedules. However, Saturdays and Sundays tend to be more relaxed in terms of rushing.

A Great Number of Mexico's City Inhabitants Spend Their Laboring Days Under Rush, Mexico
A Great Number of Mexico’s City Inhabitants Spend Their Laboring Days Under Rush, Mexico

So, it’s not superfluous to consider in your travel plans your unavoidable encountering with the so-called “horas pico” (peak hours).

These are the hours when the highest number of inhabitants concentrate on the city’s transportation services.

These mobility services come by the hand of the subway system, usually named the “metro,” the urban buses system network, named the “Metrobús,” and regular urban buses.

Hence, if you look around Mexico City, you’ll always find people running, hopping on and off from buses, and living their lives to the edge of time. This way, the conclusion I’d like to come to is this one.

Don’t forget just to empathize and observe some respect for all those rushing “Capitalinos” people.

More rapport to these locals who make a remarkable effort to be on time and fulfill their daily activities while you are having fun, great moments, and getting amazed with all the CDMX wonders.

I believe absolutely those coexistence rules aren’t outdated at all.

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2.) Aspect number two. The city’s immensity and traveling times can generate discomfort.


Derived from the first point, it happens that numerous capital’s people groups have a boring, copy-pasted, same daily routine. They usually repeat, like a broken playing record, the same routine activities again and again on a daily basis. Of course, this somehow generates discomfort or boredom in their Monday to Friday lives.

Some people spend hours of their days in transportation systems because they even come from bordering states to the city, taking one, two, three, or more hours to get to CDMX.

Besides, if we add this additional ingredient to the fact that most of the time, the CDMX is the heart for social manifestations of public discontent, the bomb easily goes off.

Most of Mexico's City Inhabitants Take Considerable Time to Arrive to Their Destinations, Mexico
Most of Mexico’s City Inhabitants Take Considerable Time to Arrive to Their Destinations, Mexico

Those events come by the hand of people traveling from every other Mexico’s corners.

In this way, stressed-out people will appear in your way for sure.

Do you understand it? Capital’s people can easily become overwhelmed by anxiety and annoyance.

Thus, as city visitors, recognize and not interfere with this reality while you record your presence in the city’s unmissable points of interest, will deliver you with an easy-going stay and memorable experiences for years to come.

You’ll verify that practicing an identification, empathy, and recognition sense for all those who may show they are distressed and annoyed of daily routine will pay pleasant dividends off.


3.) Aspect number 3.- Social connection between visitors and capital’s inhabitants doesn’t show up too much like in other Mexican tourist destinations.


Capital’s people with daily routines don’t usually “connect” with visitors. This fact is an exception to travel industry workers. I mean, all those Mexicans laboring in hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, souvenir shops, convenience stores, tour operators, or tourist taxi drivers who have frequent contact with foreign visitors.

Mexico’s City locals don’t appear surprised seeing international travelers.

I attribute this to the fact that the Aztec capital locals find themselves engrossed in carrying out their daily activities.

I’ve also deducted this happens because they have already become accustomed to watching tourists always going forth and back in the city’s most iconic micro-destinations.

Except for the people mentioned above, Mexicans in general, at the first stage, are a little wary to relate openly to foreigners. In this way, capital’s people may not show greater interest in the foreign visitors’ remarkable and visible presence.

Especially those travelers who come from countries and societies somewhat different to the Mexican way of life.

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The Magno recommendation.

Don’t forget to sharpen a little your perception senses for empathy, and why not, for sympathy too.

Recognizing capital’s people state of mind you encounter on your ways along the CDMX will provide you with ease of movement, relaxed visits, and pleasant Mexican style traveling experiences.

With The Exception of Tourism Services Workers, Mexico City Inhabitants Don't Connect Too Much With Foreign Visitors; Mexico
With The Exception of Tourism Services Workers, Mexico City Inhabitants Don’t Connect Too Much With Foreign Visitors; Mexico

It happens to me every day because of my aspect more of a foreigner than a local’s one.

I always assess people’s mood state working at shops or services where I carry out my travel blogger activities.

Certainly, it helps me set pleasant, cordial, and respectful relationships with all my capital’s country fellows.

This attitude proved to me that politeness, manners, and empathy give me a great night’s rest at the days’ end.

Have something that I’m describing here ever crossed your minds?

These are some of the many aspects that I’ve learned when I see this event between Mexico’s City locals and its foreign visitors.

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