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Colorful Painting of a Tepoztlán Festive Dancer, the Chinelo. Tepoztlán, Morelos State, Mexico
Colorful Painting of a Tepoztlán Festive Dancer, the Chinelo. Tepoztlán, Morelos State, Mexico

Morelos State Side A and B No. 1

Morelos State Side A and B No. 1

Analysis of Mexico and Morelos State Destinations by Franco Magno

The state of Morelos. There was a particular day, my Magno followers, after having visited over 20 times Morelos State in my 25 years of traveling history through Mexico, that I felt poetic.

My mind received some spring winds full of beautiful flower aromas, and I couldn’t help to ask the following question.

Cuernavaca's Capital City Cathedral, Morelos State, Mexico
Cuernavaca’s Capital City Cathedral, Morelos State, Mexico

I’m sorry, dear mother spring. Why have you decided to stay and live in Morelos?

To my surprise, it answered to me splendidly by showing me the most beautiful landmarks of Morelos’ state.

Every time I put my feet in the fascinating Morelos lands, the charming mother spring continues to respond to me.

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Let’s go then to the Magno side A and B of Morelos state.

Side A


Tepoztlán, the sacred valley of Tepoztlán.

This was just one of the magnificent answers that the beautiful mother spring gave to me.

It told me that one of the many sides A of Morelos, state that saw the illustrious Mexican Revolution general “Emiliano Zapata” ride on his horse these lands, is precisely Tepoztlán. It marked the way for me.

It instructed me to go and meet the spirit of the sacred valley by ascending the “Tepozteco” hill to reach the pyramid that crowns it. A pyramid where the god “Ome Tochtli” (a word in the ancient Mexican Náhuatl language that means “Two Rabbit”) was worshiped a long time ago.

What is Tepoztlán? I asked myself. Not only is one of the several magical villages established throughout the Mexican territory but a kind of another dimension.

View of a Rocky Hill in Tepoztlán's Magical Village, Morelos State, Mexico
View of a Rocky Hill in Tepoztlán’s Magical Village, Morelos State, Mexico

It’s pure magic, tradition, joy, mysticism, dance, and music.

It’s the rhythmic movement of the “Chinelo,” a typical Morelos state festive dancer.

It’s one of the many prizes of life that the wonderful “Place where the copper abounds” (the meaning of Tepoztlán name in Náhuatl language), gives to whoever decides to receive it in Morelos.

The challenge to “Tepozteco,” (El Reto al Tepozteco) a unique and magical festival that takes place on September 8th every year, commemorates the conversion of the historic King Tepuztécatl to christianity.

I’d rather say, in my humble opinion, it’s the challenge to oneself, a challenge to decipher the secret murmurs that those impressive and steep basaltic rock formations that guard the sacred valley are whispering to the sight of the explorers that go into such majestic lands. This is definitely one of the most beautiful sides A of Morelos. Tepoztlán.

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Side B


At certain seasons of the year, what is known here in Mexico as vacation season or simply vacations, Tepoztlán becomes a favorite recreation site for the inhabitants of Mexico’s capital city.

Due to its close geographical location to the capital, only an hour away on the Mexico-Cuernavaca federal highway, Tepoztlán even sees numerous visitors arriving from other states like Puebla and Querétaro.

One of the sides B of Tepoztlán is precisely its hotel offer. As I’ve already mentioned above, a side B is the other side of the coin.

Take into consideration that since Tepoztlán is a traditional and typical population with limited geographical dimensions, in these particular seasons, the offer of available rooms may see a reduction or may be practically unavailable.

However, this isn’t an impediment at all to visit the living wonder of Tepoztlán.

Colorful Painting of a Tepoztlán Festive Dancer, the Chinelo. Tepoztlán, Morelos State, Mexico
Colorful Painting of a Tepoztlán Festive Dancer, the Chinelo. Tepoztlán, Morelos State, Mexico

Why? Because you have good external and neighboring lodging options.

These surrounding villages and cities help the sacred valley when the demand for accommodation increases.

One of those alternative options for lodging represents another picturesque town, the charming little village of “Amatlán de Quetzalcóatl,” located just 15 minutes east of Tepoztlán downtown.

However, if we talk about an increased offer when it comes to lodging, the capital city of Morelos, Cuernavaca, that is 20 minutes south of Tepoztlán, will have an option to spend nights without major problems for sure.

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The Magno Recommendation:


Not one, but several. The one I consider the most important. Please be observant and careful in top hot months where this type of weather increases in Morelos.

In those months, at night, a small insect that was given the name “Scorpion” usually comes out of its hiding places, generally in open natural spaces to satisfy its needs.

Here the Magno recommendation that I worth mentioning is to avoid walking barefoot at night, especially in open and natural places such as areas with lawn or nearby trees.

Shake clothing and footwear vigorously before using them. Do a light inspection of your bed where you plan to surrender to “Morpheus God” arms to double-check that one of these curious animals isn’t exploring in areas that don’t correspond to them.

Charming and Thematic Views Like This One Adorn Tepoztlán, Morelos State, Mexico
Charming and Thematic Views Like This One Adorn Tepoztlán, Morelos State, Mexico

By observing these small indications, you’ll gain an edge to repeat future visits to Morelos and its charms without significant setbacks.

Morelos, an unmissable state within colorful and lush landscapes that are Mexico’s pride.

Thus, in keeping with what the fierce general “Emiliano Zapata” once mentioned. “The land belongs to the one who works for it.”

I could well mention to you, my Magno followers, the land is also granted to all those thirsty explorers who keep the tourist industry in Morelos working. An essential industry for the social and economic development of my “Morelenses” brothers.

The land in Morelos isn’t precisely of whom visits it, but it will definitely extend its warm arms to receive lovingly whoever collaborates to keep it strong.

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