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Happy New Year in Mexico
Happy New Year in Mexico

New Year’s Eve in Mexico Side A and B

New Year’s Eve in Mexico Side A and B


Analysis of Mexico’s Travel Destinations by Franco Magno


Hi! how are you my Magno traveling passionate followers? Celebrating the arrival of a new year has special features because it’s a celebration with unique elements that fit fantastic by the nature of the date itself.

Happy New Year in Mexico
Happy New Year in Mexico

It’s unlike any other, and celebrating it in Mexico includes unique and fun experiences. The Tequila lands know how to place its own accento to these celebrations that place the final point to a year that could have been good or bad.

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So, let’s jump right into Magno side A and B for New Year’s Eve in Mexico to celebrate the arrival of a new year in Mexico.


Side A


Whether you visit beach destinations or colonial cities or even magical villages, living a New Year’s Eve in Mexico is unique, exciting, and fun.

From the incomparable New Year’s Eve in the Port of Acapulco, the prime quintessential beach destination in Mexico, welcoming the New Year here is unparalleled and unique. There are typical dishes and party sessions everywhere, Mexican music, and the fireworks show unique of Acapulco’s bay.

A view of Acapulco Bay, the perfect destination to celebrate New Year's Eve, Guerrero State, Mexico
A view of Acapulco Bay, the perfect destination to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Guerrero State, Mexico

This celebration repeats in other beach spots such as Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, and Cancún, among others.

Festivities such as the so-called “Cabañuelas,” the tasting of the 12 grapes for each chime of the clock, or the celebrations of the “Lumbradas” in the state of Hidalgo.

Tthe rituals in Oaxaca and Veracruz states, give a distinctive and unique touch to the New Year’s Eve in Mexico too.

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Side B


The so-called “vivas.” Dangerous “tradition,” and in my opinion, has nothing to do with celebrating New Year’s Eve.

It consists of taking firearms, either guns or rifles, and making repeated shots to the air; as my dear travelers should know, everything that goes up has to go down, and unfortunately, the law of gravity doesn’t celebrate the holidays, so it’s not going to rest. All those projectiles fired into the air have to go down.

In fact, there have already been accidents involving people injured by bullet wounds falling from the sky. This misnamed “tradition” generally occurs in communities and populations found in the suburbs of large cities.

Fireworks to celebrate New Year's Eve in Mexico
Fireworks to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mexico

However, due to the New Year’s Eve celebrations in the major Mexican tourist centers, this activity, although it’s not exempt from taking place, is now hardly seen.

The reason is because of the surveillance of both municipal and state authorities in turn due to the large number of tourists that visit both beach centers and colonial cities.

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The Magno Recommendation:


Please book in advance your visit to beach resorts, colonial cities as well as magical villages of Mexico since they can get crowded with visitors.

If you get to hear continuous detonations in the distance, maybe someone is shooting “Vivas,” just stay away, and you won’t be involved and injured  at all.

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