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Puerto Vallarta Soul and Spirit. This is the Isla del Río Cuale

Puerto Vallarta, a Unique Elements’ Symphony That The State of Jalisco Grants You.


The “Isla del Río Cuale.” Several Vallarta residents previously called it “La Isla de los Niños” or “La Isla de Santa Clara.”  Since the last century beginning, this point of interest began to become iconic.

It’s a place where you can perceive the delicious and tropical environment of Vallarta’s environment. Right here, you can live delightful traveling experiences and enjoyable high tourist quality moments.

The island and the “Río Cuale.” They are like brothers.

This refreshing tributary born in the “Sierra Madre Occidental” mountains surrounding this Jalisco’s state region, divides Puerto Vallarta into two parts along with the “Bahía de Banderas.”

This geographical division creates Vallarta’s north and south. On the north side, the Río Cuale inherits the so-called “Zona Centro,” and on the southern side, it features the so-called “Zona Romántica.”

A romantic zone? Some people will think that here you find many couples who lavish all kinds of affection. Well, not my Magno friends, fervent travelers to Mexican lands.

Here in Mexico, we know the Vallarta’s Zona Romántica as the old Puerto Vallarta. That old, bohemian Vallarta, rich in traditions and past legends as well.

Fabulous city zone in every step you take. It’s a vibrant spot where you can discover unique visual and sensory delights. Fascinating Vallarta’s micro-destination.

Therefore, if we are talking about an island, we are talking about that you’ll have to access it by boat or perhaps by hanging bridges. Indeed, you access it by two bridges right into the Río Cuale island.

Perhaps, you’ll say to me: And what’s unique about these bridges?

Well, if you bring your senses wide open and perceptive, you’ll be able to realize this amazing Vallarta’s place natural magic starts here. The authentic Puerto Vallarta. The port’s soul and heart outside the beaches, beats, and lives here.

Of course, I cannot stop recommending you miss out on the “Puente de la Iguana,” also known as the “El Puente del Gringo Gulch.” It’s a pedestrian bridge that opens your senses to Vallarta’s pure fragrant essence.

Beautifully decorated with its white handrails and its colored tiles that give it an undeniably beautiful chromatic presence.

Once upon a time, there was an actor, a cinematographic poet named John Huston. This great cinema director filmed the movie “La Noche de la Iguana” in the 1940’s decade. Do you guess the filming place? Well, it was on the Río Cuale island vicinities.

Should you have the opportunity to watch this film, you’ll be able to differentiate between the historical Gringo Gulch and the modern Gringo Gulch. The Gringo Gulch begins in the island’s northern same zone’s name.

This Gringo Gulch area deserves a special mention because, as I previously mentioned, the bohemian, essential, and cultural Vallarta, where you can find the city’s refinement and good living supreme identity, lives here.

Finally, the Iguana bridge extends to the cultural center’s vicinity that is geographically located on the island’s eastern side.

Along with the Gringo Gulch, it’s now accompanied by three other bridges. Those two bridges are destined for vehicles’ circulation and another two for tourists’ movement. This makes a total of four bridges.

To conclude, you may wonder about this matter. What makes this Puerto Vallarta area so special?

Well, what makes it so special is its wide activities and fun options menu. Everything to experience sensational moments from excellent culinary options, bars, restaurants, souvenirs, and craft shops to some artistic spaces that complement the undeniably exquisite Vallarta’s spirit.

This area is crowned by the “Museo Arqueológico de Puerto Vallarta Cuale.” This alluring point of interest offers you a trip into interesting Mesoamerican art elements.

Ok, that’s fine. Now, are there some Magno recommendations? Of course. Here’s a little bit of the Magno travel experience in Puerto Vallarta.

One of the activities that takes place on the Isla del Cuale is learning to breathe the tropical environment by practicing relaxation under the leafy trees’ shade in the surrounding area.

However, iguanas of different sizes inhabit this awesome lush place. Depending on the level of wonder you have, these will be an indisputable pretext to take photos and selfies.

Perhaps some others will say: And what’s special about seeing an iguana? Well, not only is appreciating them. Once again, it’s mixing your spirit with the environment to live real sophisticated experiences in a tropical setting. It’s not just about sitting, seeing sojourners, and finally going away. That’s merely tourism, not traveling.

They are undeniably beautiful for Mr. Magno and complement this incredible Vallarta’s area landscape with colorful and visual poetry note

The last Magno recommendation. Don’t make sudden movements that these attractive animals can interpret as an attack from you. You just calm down, move slowly, and everyone will be in holy peace.

Would you like to visit the Isla del Río Cuale now? Me too.

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