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Beautiful Sea of Cortez View in conjunction with the Desert Environment in San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico
Beautiful Sea of Cortez View in conjunction with the Desert Environment in San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico

Sonora State Side A and B No. 1

Sonora State Side A and B No. 1

Analysis of Mexico and Sonora State Destinations by Franco Magno

The state of Sonora. They have been there since immemorial times. Vast territories of unexplored desert land, impressive valleys and mountains, hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of coastline. Sea, beaches, and skies of rich, exquisite tones that are in the depths of any human being who sees them.

A fresh proposal in the tourism horizon of Mexico is quickly becoming a place to think about. Exciting destinations that tell us about rich visual stories that only need eyes for contemplating them to deliver all of its wonders.

Beautiful Scenery Where Desert Landscapes and Sea Meet in Guaymas, Sonora State, Mexico
Beautiful Scenery Where Desert Landscapes and Sea Meet in Guaymas, Sonora State, Mexico

Once upon a time, some men, motivated by their faith, established religious missions in different parts of the Sonora state. Now, in these times, we have a mission. A fascinating mission.

To go and meet the refreshing and alternative travel experiences that await us in the state of Sonora.

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Welcome to the lands of the “Yaquis” and “Seris” indigenous nations. Let’s go then to the Magno side A and B of Sonora state.

Side A


Many sides A, many facets. It’s tough to choose where to start from. Maybe, you can start with nature. Perhaps you would begin with the great historic and cultural legacy that we have in the Sonoran ethnic groups or colonial heritage in religious missions.

One more option comes from the routes with which you can build your trips up in Sonora. That’s the most exquisite side A of Sonora. It’s a menu of fascinating and multiple angles that make up such an unexplored destination, so unknown that it represents a challenge in itself to the visitor.

If you want to have an alternative opinion, then the magnificent Sonoran lands also raise their hands when it comes to beach destinations.

One side A of outstanding quality. Worthy representatives of fun, entertainment, and wonderful experiences under the bright sun, on the delicious sands and refreshing waters of the “Sea of ​​Cortez.”

Sea of Cortez View at the Beach in Bahía de Kino, Sonora State, Mexico
Sea of Cortez View at the Beach in Bahía de Kino, Sonora State, Mexico

Destinations such as San Carlos, Puerto Peñasco, Bahía de Kino, and Huatabampo are a permanent invitation to a fascinating experience served by the hand of the exquisite lifestyle that Sonora’s sea also prepares to hungry travelers.

More sides A. Alamos and Magdalena de Kino towns. Heritage, tradition, culture.

Enchanting historical backwaters where you can live sublime and exquisite moments surrounded by the environment that these magical Mexican villages can only give to their visitors.

Wonderful experiences from which you can breathe the fantastic symphony of archetypal elements where the best of Mexico meet in a beautiful gathering of incomparable beauty.

Is there even more? Sure. We have other magnificent sides A, like in the vast and unmissable “Desierto de Altar,” like the capital city Hermosillo, like in the Port of Guaymas, like in the towns that border the Sonora river, etc. Magno sides A everywhere.

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Side B


Sonora is a big state. Great in many things. Especially at distances. This is one of the angles, one of the Magno sides B of a Sonora’s travel experience.

Decidedly, you’ll have to consider ground transportation times if you want to place a foot into the several points of the Sonoran geography.

A small sample to illustrate this point. Moving by land from the capital city of Hermosillo, to the exquisite destination of Puerto Peñasco on the state’s northwestern coast would take you approximately, depending on the conditions on the road, from 4 to 5 hours and a half to get there.

This is the size of Sonora’s state dimensions. Marvelous experiences that you can enjoy in these lands where the sun never seems to end.

Beautiful Sea of Cortez View in conjunction with the Desert Environment in San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico
Beautiful Sea of Cortez View in conjunction with the Desert Environment in San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico

Another side B. In the spring and summer seasons, it’s hot. Some local inhabitants and many other foreigners too will say it’s scorching.

So, wearing garments of natural fabrics, light colors, in addition to a good hat and sunglasses, not to mention your personal hydration resources, like water or electrolytes, will allow you to enjoy more comfortable and memorable trips.



The Magno Recommendation:


By the way, a Magno tip for trips in regards to Sonora’s weather. If some of you, my friendly Magno followers, enjoy more temperate climates, visiting Sonora in February, March, September, and October, is an alternative option to the scorching months.

As far as Franco Magno concerns, hot weather fascinates me. And if I can “suffer” it in Puerto Peñasco or San Carlos, I confess it, I love “suffering” very often this type of conditions throughout the year, throughout Mexico.

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These partners of mine offer you excellent lodging rates here and amazing tour options here, so that you can enjoy Sonora to the fullest. Thank you very much for supporting me.

Another Magno recommendation for trips to Sonora. Because of the territorial extensions that Sonora owns and depending on the specific location of your future destination, your routes or travel plans you pretend to follow, that will affect the way you move into the state of the “Yaquis” and “Seris” nations.

Sonora state has federal highways that go across the territory like the ones identified by the numbers fifteen, eight, two, sixteen, seventeen and fourteen.

Perhaps you want to touchdown Sonora’s grounds through the cities of Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregón airports, which enjoy direct air connectivity from Mexico City.

There’s a saying in a legend of the Seri indigenous ethnic group that only the sea, the sky, and marine animals existed in a very distant time. A Loggerhead turtle went down to sea’s bottom, and with the little sand it had on its legs, formed the lands we know today.

A painted woman, a goddess, along with the first man who existed on earth, decided to populate such enigmatic grounds. I really don’t know the historic time when the sun came here to the earth.

But in Sonora, it’s going to stay for a long time. It’s here to fill with permanent light these indomitable latitudes that only await conquerors of experiences like us to fascinate with treasures that lie here one after another.

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