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Monumental Head, Legacy of the Ancient Olmeca Culture, La Venta Park, Villahermosa Capital City, Tabasco State, Mexico
Monumental Head, Legacy of the Ancient Olmeca Culture, La Venta Park, Villahermosa Capital City, Tabasco State, Mexico

Tabasco State Side A and B

Tabasco State Side A and B Chapter 01


Analysis of Mexico’s Travel Destinations by Franco Magno


It attracts lots of attention. On the occasions I’ve visited the Tabasco state, whose nickname is the “Eden of Mexico,” I’ve seen it over and over again. Destinations with such an incredible tourism potential. I’m talking about one of the most beautiful states in all Mexico.

The number of destinations of tourist importance, activities to carry out, and experiences to live, can dazzle many people.

The Cathedral of Nacajuca City, Tabasco State, Mexico
The Cathedral of Nacajuca City, Tabasco State, Mexico

And even so, it’s not a place in Mexico where you can find hundreds of visitors in groups. Here there’s a paradise; here there’s an eden. There’s so much to see here.

Welcome to the lush lands where many local people prefer to drink “Pozol” rather than beer.

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Let’s go inside the Magno A and B sides of the tropical Eden, the State of Tabasco.


Side A


When you visit a jungle, you find richness everywhere. When you are in Tabasco, you also find it at any place. One of the most significant side A of this Mexican state that I consider essential to mention because of its high potential is the exciting combination of places in which everybody can enjoy genuine and delicious experiences.

A little list? My pleasure. We have the beautiful and sunny capital city of Villahermosa, the magical town of Tapijulapa, the impressive archaeological site of “La Venta.”

On the other hand, we have Comalcalco, an archaeological zone that the ancient Mayan culture bequeathed to us through time. We have heavenly places such as Paraíso, Frontera, Mecoacán, other smaller but not any less important cities such as Huimanguillo, Macuspana, and Cunduacán, the fascinating Pantanos de Centla biosphere reserve, etc.

Monumental Head, Legacy of the Ancient Olmeca Culture, La Venta Park, Villahermosa Capital City, Tabasco State, Mexico
Monumental Head, Legacy of the Ancient Olmeca Culture, La Venta Park, Villahermosa Capital City, Tabasco State, Mexico

Another Magno side A. You’ll be able to move with some ease between the various destinations in Tabasco.

I could say, without fear of being wrong, that the lands where ancient “Olmecas” and “Mayas” once left their mark for later times are especially friendly for travel experiences.

Here in Tabasco, you find no complications; a relaxed and comfortable time since you don’t find big tourism facilities like in other destinations in Mexico. This state is effortless to visit.

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Side B


What precisely represents an advantage for visitors in Tabasco, also represents an alternative aspect. I explain myself. Some of these destinations I’ve mentioned above offer essential and modest services to tourists.

If some of you, my Magno followers, were looking for great comforts and luxuries within the different destinations of tourist importance in Eden’s land. In that case, those are present mainly in the wide range of accommodation options in the capital city, Villahermosa.

To mention an example. Referring to the lodging options that you find in destinations such as Huimanguillo, Cunduacán, Balancán, Frontera, or Tapijulapa towns, you’ll witness how the offer of accommodation options differs considerably in quality and levels, compared to the ones you can easily find in Villahermosa.

In these places of Tabasco, you will find suitable alternatives to enjoy your stay. However, they are quality, budget, and modest options. You won’t find the sophistication that some travelers accustomed to world-class services demand when they explore foreign destinations.

That is one of the sides B of conquering Tabasco. A side B that I don’t find negative at all, but quite the contrary. As an intense explorer that I am of the different gems of Mexico, I find in these small cities and villages a delicious atmosphere, a refreshing air, an exquisite taste of authentic and genuine Mexican province.

Tomás Garrido Canabal Park, Villahermosa City, Tabasco State, Mexico
Tomás Garrido Canabal Park, Villahermosa City, Tabasco State, Mexico

It’s precisely in these places where I find how the local population enjoys their roots and social identities that are hard to see in other big urbanized settlements.

The Magno Recommendation:

Here I go with the first one which although it may be clear, it’s worth mentioning.

The tropical climate that decks Tabasco will inevitably lead you to carry in your luggage light-colored and natural fabrics, comfortable clothing, without forgetting insect repellent, because Tabasco is mostly a state with tropical weather.

Some flying insects like to do their jobs over visitor’s bodies. A good hat and sunglasses will definitely complement your wardrobe to explore Tabasco.

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Another Magno piece of advice for Tabasco. Visiting a state of Mexico when it’s partying is, without a doubt, the excellent opportunity to experience colors, flavors, textures, and experiences somewhat out of the ordinary.

In the first week of May of each year, the Tabasco fair that takes place in the capital city provides us with delicious conjunctions of all these elements that we would hardly find gathered in another state location.

Party, fun, entertainment, and the best that Tabasco offers visitors will be present at the annual Tabasco state fair.

Tabasco, once again, is an Eden in everything, not just anything visually or naturally. Talking to a local person from Tabasco will expose us to a series of vocabulary that will take us a bit of work to understand.

I remember that occasion when I visited Villahermosa. I was about to taste the delicacies of Tabasco cuisine, and there I heard a local person ask for a “Choco” dish, that is, he just requested to eat a typical dish from Tabasco. “Choco” is a friendly word to denominate something whose origin is from Tabasco state.

I also heard a woman refer to her husband, who was already “Bolo,” that is, drunk. And without forgetting “Don José,” who was in the “Tomás Garrido Canabal” park in the capital city, to whom his friends reported that he was “Apoltronado,” that is, he was only resting under the shade of a tree.

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