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View of a street and the basaltic hills of Tepoztlán in the background, Morelos State, Mexico
View of a street and the basaltic hills of Tepoztlán in the background, Morelos State, Mexico

Tepoztlán Side A and B No. 3 in 2022

Tepoztlán Side A and B No. 3

Analysis of Mexico and Tepoztlán Destinations by Franco Magno

Tepoztlán, state of Morelos. Hi! again, my dear Magno walkers of Mexico. Now I analyze the side A and B chapter 3 of Tepoztlán, Morelos state again.

It’s merely a treasure chest in its 242 km2 (150 sq. miles) located in the state’s northern region.

A street in the Magical Village of Tepoztlán, Morelos State, Mexico
A street in the Magical Village of Tepoztlán, Morelos State, Mexico

I’ve traveled to this village since 1997, something like 25 times, and I keep discovering new things, and although several of its tourist attractions are quite evident, others aren’t so visible.

You can effortlessly get lost into the exquisite delicacies hidden in this wonder of the Morelos state.

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So, let’s move on to side A and side B of Tepoztlán Morelos.

Side A


The number of tourist attractions and experiences it has in a relatively small geographic space. Going on vacation only to Tepoztlán? Perfectly possible.

The symphony of natural beauty and historical and cultural heritage points of attractions, its spring climate, its environment that invites to adventure, and its festivities with the inevitable dance of the “Chinelo.”

A monument to the Morelos state typical festive dancer, the Chinelo. Mexico
A monument to the Morelos state typical festive dancer, the Chinelo. Mexico

Its transcendental mystique, its healing magic, and its healthy options and well-being are its dominant side, its side A.

Its impressive basaltic origin hills, its pyramid dedicated to the former Aztec god “OmeTochtli Tepuztécatl” on the top of the hill, its typical delicious food, its heavenly “Tepoznieves,” which they claim Tepoztlán as their original cradle.

Its spas offering therapeutic massages and the glorious ritual of health and body healing of the Mexican historical and traditional sauna-like “Temazcal,” its meditation centers such as the “Hostal de la Luz,” its museums such as the “Museo de Carlos Pellicer,” its wood crafts, its warm people, its air of spring province, its eclectic atmosphere of peace and goodness, it’s all of everything.

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Side B


Tepoztlán also has its B side. Although it’s not bad at all, it does represent a challenge for the visitor who wants to take home, a little piece of Tepoztlán in the soul.

Precisely this is precisely the side B, standing somewhere as a visitor in this divine magical Mexican village and being unaware of the complete set of pearls which compound this fantastic necklace, about all the many hidden treasures there are, where to go, what to live.

I get it. Its main street full of life, the “Calle 5 de Mayo” and the “Calle Revolución de 1910,” catch anyone’s attention. And you can think that all the magic of Tepoztlán resides only in the “Tepozteco” pyramid. That will be, for sure, a misconception.

That’s what I’m here, Franco Magno and like my fellow bloggers and tour operators. Did you know that Tepoztlán is not just one village, but a group of six adjoint villages?

Did you know that it’s divided into eight different neighborhoods and that each one has its Catholic patron saint festivities? Did you know that in one of these villages, the mystical and powerful, historic Mesoamerican king “Quetzalcóatl” was born?

View of a street and the basaltic hills of Tepoztlán in the background, Morelos State, Mexico
View of a street and the basaltic hills of Tepoztlán in the background, Morelos State, Mexico

Did you know that there are hiking tours to visit fascinating solitary places not open to the general public?

Did you know that there are caves to explore? Yes, there are caves, and they are nothing short of fascinating.

Did you know that there are places of power and magic that healers visit? Did you know that in the year 2019, a new pyramid was discovered when local authorities carried out works to widen a local highway?

Did you know that there is a “dimensional gateway” in Tepoztlán?

Maybe not, and the vast majority of visitors don’t even know. That why traveling insiders like Franco Magno exist, to reveal all those gems to thirsty explorers.

The Magno Recommendation:


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They are the first necessary and informed starting step, as well as here francomagnomexico.com and my social media to conquer Tepoztlán. They provide information on all the attractions of “Tepoz,” and in the case of tour operators, they offer guided tours to hidden and majestic places where the vast majority of visitors don’t even step one foot.

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Tepoztlán is unique in Mexico. By experiencing all the magic here, you’ll meet for sure your Mexican traveler personality that you may not even know it existed.

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