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Magno Travel Insights for Baja California Sur State

Hi Magno readers! The Magno Insights are some of the learnings I’ve come to after 25 years of traveling experience in Mexico. By taking advantage of these inputs you will go a little beyond in your trips in Mexico. Hope these pieces of advice be useful for you. Thank you for following me on my social media.


          So, some recommendations for the Baja California Sur state are:


* Los Cabos is a separate destination from the other places in Mexico. So, putting into practice strategies to save money is different here.

* If you want to come in the high season, booking flights, hotels, and attractions at least four months in advance is ideal.

* The increase in tourist arrivals itself does not determine the high season of tourists in Los Cabos, La Paz, and generally in Baja California Sur state, BUT BY THE WINTER AND THE WHALE-WATCHING SEASON IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN AND THE SEA OF CORTÉZ.

* The high season is sometimes present from October to mid-April-May.

* Despite the weather in Los Cabos is mostly warm at night in the winter, you can feel the sensation of cold air, so keep this in mind to protect yourself. In late summer and early fall, the wind usually blows strongly, which lessens the feeling of intense heat a bit.

* Two types of whales swim in the waters surrounding Baja California Sur state, the humpback whale, and the gray whale. Visiting Los Cabos for whale watching tours has different price ranges. You can find good deals even in the high season by going to the Cabo San Lucas Marina to check out those prices. Some tour operators are open to negotiate the price.

* However, there are other cheaper places in Baja to admire these cetaceans species: Puerto Adolfo López Mateos, Guerrero Negro, Laguna de San Ignacio, Bahía de Loreto National Park, Bahía Magdalena, Mulegé and in the El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve. Prices are considerably lower there.

* In Baja, as Baja California Sur is also known, there isn’t a typical dish     which represents the state by itself. There are some of them which raise their hands but once again you won’t find the symbolic one; instead, it is an exquisite menu made up from all the contributions of the different human groups that have migrated from Mexico’s inland and from abroad.

* In some Mexican restaurants, Thursday is the “Pozole Day” so you can find this typical Mexican dish at affordable prices.

* As I usually recommend, eating at the Mexican municipal markets is a tasty and economical way, a micro journey by itself to the essence of the Mexican way of life and also allows you to find many more options than in an international restaurant.

     In San Jose del Cabo, we have the “Alberto Alvarado” municipal market and in Cabo San Lucas the “Mercado Marina”, full of delicious options for all the likings.

* Local restaurants where you can taste delicious and economic Mexican food: 1.)El Campestre and 2.)La Mexicana.

* The “Machaca de Res” is a satisfying dish that you can find in several restaurants and is the predomina one nt in Baja California Sur state, and of course the fish and seafood at local restaurants near the sea.

* Taxi service is somewhat expensive, especially in Los Cabos. You can use the transportation service by phone applications or urban transportation, such as the companies “Cabo Baja” and the “Ruta del Desierto” in Los Cabos, besides to the urban transportation lines that run along the main avenues.

* The discos or “antros” (Antro is a slang word we use in Mexico to name a “Disco”) stack up in Los Cabos at “Lázaro Cárdenas” avenue and at “Boulevard Paseo de la Marina” where night life takes place. However, this has its price. If your are ok, no problem, then go ahead.

     To experience the typical Mexican music atmosphere, for fun and dancing, you can visit the plazas and public venues, such as the “Cabo San Lucas Marina” or the “Circuito Cultural Cabo”.

     The music usually starts from 6 pm to 11 pm. From October to July – August in Los Cabos, there is a season in which every Saturday you can find typical music and dance. In August and September, this activity takes place once a month.  

* On Thursday nights we have the famous “Art Walk” in the gallery district of San Jose del Cabo. Classy experiences in San Jose. Just for refined people.

* Tourism from the United States is the majority in Los Cabos, so if you visit us from the land of George Washington, some businesses apply discounts for members of AARP, AAA, and those ones that offer you credit cards like AMEX. Don’t forget to ask the stores if they accept these discounts.

* Most of Mexican resort workers are friendly and receptive to tourism, however, aggressive and bossy behavior is not well received in Mexico, so it is not unreasonable to observe some courtesy manners.

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