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Three Dangers Visitors Run When Visiting Tepoztlán, State of Morelos

Travel Tips to Stay Safe and Enjoy an Amazing Visit to the Sacred Valley


Tepoztlán Magical Village, state of Morelos. The Sacred Valley of Tepoztlán. Quaint provincial Mexican setting that brings together a whole set of diverse tourist attractions worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. Tepoztlán has a charm like no one else.

You find everything in a relatively small geographical area: archaeological zones, churches, delicious provincial Mexican typical villages, and delicious food. Masterpieces of handicrafts, alternate experiences, healing options, UFO sighting, and eventual dimensional gateways also compound this village’s specialties.

However, all these treasures aren’t exempt from certain dangers that you must take into account to avoid them and take back home more than just a wound or a hospital experience in Tepoztlán.


  1. In “Tepoz” rugged hills, there are no yellow brick roads to follow as in The Wizard of Oz.


I know it. I have traveled more than thirty times to the Tepoztlán magical village since 1997, and every time I visit it, I can’t help it with the temptation over and over again.

Those rocky, rugged hills invite to the exploration and conquest by adventurers.

I’ve seen it many times. Visitors take the road to the “Tepozteco” hill to reach the pyramid at the top erected in dedication to the god “Ome Tochtli Tepuztécatl” (Two Rabbit Tepuztécatl).

As they go forth following the main path that leads to this unique temple, notice there are alternate routes that join the safe, official pathway to reach the top of the “Chalchiutépetl” hill.

Chalchiutépetl is the name in the ancient Náhuatl language for the same natural elevation. Some of these visitors, tempted by the adventurous spirit, stray from this path and continue walking and exploring.

It’s typical. Ten minutes later, they lose their sense of direction and don’t know whether to continue or return.

Unless they have experience in cross country or mountaineering and carry compasses with them or other geographical orientation instruments, the hill will have already done its work to stray them.

The “Magno” recommendation, especially for first-timers.

Enjoy the beautiful and mystical landscapes that Tepoztlán gives away to their explorers by taking one of the hiking tours guided by local connoisseurs.

You can find those guided tours on sale at the shops located in the “Calle 5 de Mayo” or the “Calle del Tepozteco.” These are the two names for the same street.

The first street segment runs from the entrance to Tepoztlán up to the village’s downtown.

The second street’s name is the assigned one for the latter section. It’s the one that begins in the Tepoztlán municipal building’s back left corner.

By walking accompanied by these local experts, you’ll even know more secrets about this marvelous Morelos’ state pearl. And, of course, from Franco Magno.


  1. A selfie on the edge of the hills and goodbye! may be the last one


Congratulations! You reached the hill’s top. The view of “Tepoz” is less than splendid. Some intrepid visitors want to take the one-of-a-kind selfie of the accomplished feat.

You may have already seen it in the news. Some daredevils pretend to go the extra mile. Why not? They aren’t ordinary people. They want and deserve more.

It’s a prohibited pleasure only reserved for the winners. And well… we have a popular saying here in Mexico, “¿Qué tanto es tantito?” (How much is a little bit?)

In this way, these guys go for the extra centimeter (or the extra inch) and… well, I think you have watched those cartoons when the “coyote” hunts for the “roadrunner” and the coyote ends at the bottom of the canyon…

I’m not looking to scare anyone away. However, except for the Tepozteco hill pyramid’s immediate surroundings where you can see a fence to avoid accidents, the other nearby places don’t have any kind of protection.

Hence, if you get very close to the hill’s edges or abandon the common roads, well, you can now imagine what will the result to the equation be.

In fact, it has happened before. In all these years since 2015, at least once a year, someone falls off into the deep ravines, and then the emergency services struggle to do everything possible to get them out.

So, I think I shouldn’t tell you at all to keep a reasonable distance from the hill’s salient edges.

Oh! one more thing. The hills look wonderful full of fantastic green flora and waterfalls in the rainy season due to this natural event. Therefore, the cobblestones and rocks that make up the path leading up to the pyramid become slippery.

Thus, I recommend you wear suitable hiking or trekking shoes and take extra precautions that aren’t additional at all.

As my lovely grandmother used to say: Take care, honey! I’ve listened to her every time I go, and as you can see, here I am still posting on my blog.

The Magno recommendation.

There are hundreds of places to take dreamy selfies in Tepoztlán without putting at risk your head. If you still want to go an extra step, get accompanied by experts who can help you to take great selfies, not risky ones at all.


  1. The scorpions sting in Tepoztlán. They don’t play rock.


Ah! funny Magno! But I’m sorry. I have always experienced it.

The Tepoztlán hills and the surrounding open spaces invite thirsty visitors to go several steps beyond to find those hidden secrets that remain untold.

For example, feeling the touch of the raw lawn on your bare feet is mesmerizing.

However, I only inform you about one thing. Tepoztlán and the state of Morelos enjoy warm autumns and winters and hot springs and summers.

They are lands where scorpions or the “alacranes,” another way we call them here in Mexico, live comfortably.

There are approximately sixteen different scorpions species in the state of Morelos. However, and to our bad luck, they are all poisonous. And to top it off, there are also poisonous spiders.

Did you know what? This isn’t enough. In Morelos’ state lands, the hot season that runs from April to August, the risk is higher.

For everybody’s calm and comfort, the scorpions are friends of evening and night habits. Hence, don’t forget to wear your shoes at night and check your hotel room thoroughly.

These arachnids that during the day hours stayed under rocks, they go out for food and satisfy their needs at night.

I think I don’t have to type hundreds of lines to tell you that scorpions usually live in different places within the ecosystem they inhabit, and one of them is under rocks.

Therefore, if you are in “Tepoz” (or wherever in the state of Morelos), you’ll undoubtedly feel that pleasant, healthy spring weather inviting you for adventure.

I sincerely recommend you not lift rocks from the ground to avoid a little scorpion coming out to “greet” you.

This way, my Magno followers now you know it. Keep your eyes wide open, put on your shoes, and you’ll be drinking all the Tepoztlán delicacies without any danger.

Like me, who I’ve traveled over thirty times to this magical Mexican village. I’ve toured its captivating places with safety and look at me. I’m still here. No scorpion or spider stings so far at all.

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