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Three Places to Watch Sunsets in Mexico City

Insider’s Traveling Recommendations to Take Remarkable Postcards of Mexican Sunsets


Mexico City offers a whole range of tourism attractions for the exploration by all kinds of travelers without making any complicated arrangements.

From museums, historic neighborhoods, natural and amusement parks, culture, tradition, and folklore, Mexico City is really outstanding. However, one of the unknown gifts that the city gives you with sunsets is precisely spectacular views.

You just have to go to the exact places where you can enjoy an unbeatable and privileged view of this beautiful natural happening that Mother Nature gives us.

Hence, let’s go straight to the three places in Mexico City, where you can marvel at watching a spectacular sunset.


  1. The Viewpoint of the Federal Highway from Mexico City to Cuernavaca city.


Located at the kilometer number 27 (16.77 miles) of the federal highway or also known in the city as the free toll highway “México-Cuernavaca.” This spot features a place where you can park your car and enjoy sunset views that are nothing short of exceptional.

In fact, the golden and violet color sunsets are more than an exceptional guarantee of an unforgettable experience in the winter.

The best way to reach this point without any question is by renting a car, by taking a taxi, or by a private car service through a phone app.

Once you get there, please be advised that no essential tourist services are available since it’s a natural place aside from the road.

There’s a restaurant bar in the vicinity of this place where you can also park your car and enjoy an outstanding dinner.

The Magno recommendation?

Visiting this place in the winter and spring sunsets allows you to enjoy it especially, since in the rainy season, which usually runs from May to early October, watching sunsets will require you to go to some other city places.

There are certain days when for some summer reasons, the sky is cloudy, and all that you will get is your clothing soaked in epic proportions.


  1. The Viewpoint of the “Torre Latinoamericana” (Latin American Tower)


Located on the 44th floor of the “Torre Latinoamericana,” the one that you can find trouble-free in the Aztec capital city Historic Center. At this place, you’ll enjoy an astounding city’s view of the four cardinal points.

Now, if you still want to see distant locations far beyond, the viewpoint offers coin-operated high-range binoculars.

On sunny and windy days, you can even watch their volcanoes majesties’: The “Popocatépetl” and the “Iztaccíhuatl.”

This viewpoint usually operates from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM (subject to changes) every day of the year. In the afternoons where rain happens, the Torre Latino staff closes this lookout point for understandable reasons.

Is there any Magno travel tip here? Sure. Depending on the year’s season, you visit Mexico City, try to arrive at the viewpoint approximately an hour before sunset.

This way, you will get a premier “seat” to stare at the horizon and focus your camera on taking beautiful paintings of a sunset here in the ancient “Tenochtitlán” city.


  1. The Viewpoint of the “Monumento a la Revolución” (Monument to the Mexican Revolution)


This viewpoint crowns the top of the “Monumento a la Revolución.” This formidable colossal structure is just minutes away within walking distance from the Historic Center zone.

The so-called “Plaza de la República” is a square that extends its spaces into the “Tabacalera” neighborhood.

This monument and its hosting neighborhood is an exciting destination by itself within the enormous capital city.

You can get to the viewpoint by accessing through a glass elevator, and from there, you just fill your souls with mesmerizing sunsets views.

This unmissable tourist point is located at a height of approximately 65 meters (213.25 feet) from the ground level. This tourist attraction will also render visitors with a café service and coin-operated binoculars.

Once you are up there, Why not? Please take one of the several tours available to explorers like you and me that will allow you to know this monument from a different perspective.

These tours even go through the monument’s internal structure to admire the impressive steel beams which support the entire building and the foundations of this must-see city attraction.

Another Magno piece of advice? I recommend arriving at least one hour before sunset to the viewpoint so you can pinpoint worry-free the best angle for this nature’s show.

Now, when the night starts to fall, another “show” begins its appearance.

The monument man’s made illumination comes with bright and enticing colors hard to resist taking photos. Please be sure not to miss the ones of the copper dome. Those are especially fantastic.

If in Titanic’s movie “Jack Dawson” assumed himself as the king of the world by standing in a transatlantic cruise bow, up there, you’ll feel like the king of Mexico City.

Well, it’s not the same, but at least that sensation will make you happy for sure, friends.

Hence, my dear Magno followers, your journey in Mexico City will take a different angle from the usual trodden pathways regular tourists walk on.

Mexico’s city valley will thank your visit by giving you away some of its best visual gifts.

Will you be ready to form part in Mexico’s city adventurer’s club from the heights?

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