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Mexicans Drink Tequila Everyday... No, That's a Cliché
Mexicans Drink Tequila Everyday... No, That's a Cliché

Three Wrong Clichés Foreign Visitors May Have About Mexico

Three Wrong Clichés Foreign Visitors May Have About Mexico

Mexico? Mexicans? Ah! Yes, They Only Eat Tacos With Chili, Sing “Mariachi,” Songs and Watch the Movie “Coco.”

Mexico. There’s a place in the earth called Mexico.

At this place, life, history, and culture have flourished a little bit differently, unlike some other world’s regions.

Mexico Is a Country Subject to Many Clichés and Misconceptions
Mexico Is a Country Subject to Many Clichés and Misconceptions

All those world countries that are truly rich in various social, cultural, historical, and traditional aspects are susceptible to misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

The reason why this may happen is due to the fact a country may result unknown, exotic, or incomprehensible to foreigners.

This event occurred in these sunny lands as well.

When Spanish conquerors landed in Mexico’s eastern shores in the 16th-century first decade, they started a mutual understanding process with the first native individuals they ran into.

Mexico definitely doesn’t escape to the misunderstanding phenomenon from uninformed visitors.

Additionally, contemporary media may collaborate with these misconceptions by spreading to the world different audiovisual contents that may lead audiences to confusion.

Do Mexicans Eat Chili All Day and Night? Not At All, That's a Cliché
Do Mexicans Eat Chili All Day and Night? Not At All, That’s a Cliché

These ideas may transmit biased concepts and a somewhat distorted explanation of Mexico’s reality.

The exquisiteness and refinement that Mexico has achieved throughout history, in social and cultural expressions, traditions, and legends, make this country hard to understand on the fly.

This effect has been possible thanks to over 5,000 years of human presence in these lands, creating now a contemporary culture that is sometimes hard to understand even to its own residents.

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So, let me go straightforward and describe three common clichés and mistaken beliefs that fly over Mexico’s horizon.


1.) Mexicans are lazy and are always sitting at the base of a desert saguaro.


Wrong. Unfortunately, through some media contents like films and cartoons, some creators have carried this erroneous belief throughout time.

Mexicans Spend Their Days Sitting at The Base of a Desert Saguaro... No, That's a Cliché
Mexicans Spend Their Days Sitting at The Base of a Desert Saguaro… No, That’s a Cliché

Perhaps you have seen some American 60’s or 70’s decades’ cartoons depicting a Mexican character exerting this action.

These concepts represent a distorted interpretation of Mexico’s reality.

However, I have to recognize that Mexico was a largely rural country in the first 20th-century years.

Most of its inhabitants were farm and livestock workers making a living at “Haciendas.”

Modern cities didn’t show up until the 50’s decade of this past century.

Because of this historical, social reality, those working-class Mexicans of that age didn’t enjoy their spare time sitting at a desert’s saguaro base.

So, finding a Mexican nowadays with his wide-brimmed hat, wrapped full body in a typical colorful Mexican “Sarape,” sitting with their legs shrunk against his chest at the base of a desert saguaro, is truly a feat in Mexico.

Mexicans Only Eat Tacos Because That's the Only Food Available... That's a Cliché; Mexico
Mexicans Only Eat Tacos Because That’s the Only Food Available… That’s a Cliché; Mexico

The reality is that due to Mexico’s social and economic situation, many Mexicans get up very early in the mornings to make a living at their jobs.

I’m totally sure you won’t find Mexicans doing this weird and wacky action, not even on Sundays or holidays.


2.) Mexicans only eat tacos and Chili since they are babies.


As you may know (or you may not), chili is original from Mexico. No ancient culture and its contemporary heirs can claim that chili appeared in their countries first.

The first records in humankind history about chili or spicy peppers cropping and harvesting exist only in Mexico.

This way, chili’s birth certificate belongs to Mexico.

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Mexicans Spend All Their Days Singing Ranchera Songs, That's a Cliché
Mexicans Spend All Their Days Singing Ranchera Songs, That’s a Cliché

The extensive variety of culinary options and ideas which associate tacos and chili in Mexico are truly abundant.

Thus, the cliché of Mexican mothers feeding their newborn babies with chili is no lees than tacky and brainless.

If somebody believed that Mexican mums prepare their babies’ bottles with chili-flavored milk, let me tell you no Mexican woman does such a wacky outrage.

So, my dear Magno readers, please don’t imagine exotic scenes like these ones actually happen in Mexico.

I certainly don’t think anybody in Mexico does that, or at least I haven’t heard of anybody doing that vulgar act.


3.) Mexicans are always drinking Tequila and singing Mariachi folk songs.


Before another description comes up to these post lines, I need to clarify that Mexicans are by nature festive, socializing, happy, and likes what we call here in Mexico the “Pachanga,” i.e., the party.

Mexicans Drink Tequila Everyday... No, That's a Cliché
Mexicans Drink Tequila Everyday… No, That’s a Cliché

Tequila is one of the various alcoholic beverages produced in Mexico, the iconic national beverage, the most known worldwide, and enjoys widespread worldwide consumption.

Drinking a “Tequilita” and sing “Ranchera” songs encourages our bodies, spirits, and souls in many Mexican celebrations.

However, that doesn’t mean that we spent drinking Tequila and singing these typical and folk Mexican songs from Monday through Sunday.

So, if for any reason you have seen on TV, streaming series, films, or printed contents that Mexicans usually dress “Mariachi” folk clothing, drink Tequila and spend their days singing “Rancheras” songs, that’s a cliché.

Mexicans Are Very Festive But That Doesn't Mean They Sing Everyday Ranchera Songs, That's a Cliché
Mexicans Are Very Festive But That Doesn’t Mean They Sing Everyday Ranchera Songs, That’s a Cliché

I think that’s the evident sign those folks haven’t been around here too often.

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I sincerely think, my loyal followers, that Spanish people don’t spend most of their time dancing “Flamenco” or eating “Paella Valenciana,” or the only thing French people drink is Champagne.

I don’t think Italian people spend their mealtime sessions eating pizza or lasagna and singing “O Sole Mio”! as well.

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