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Baja California Norte State Beaches are an Unmissable Attraction, Mexico
Baja California Norte State Beaches are an Unmissable Attraction, Mexico

Travel Insights for the State of Baja California Norte

Magno Travel Insights for the State of Baja California Norte

Traveling in Mexico and in the State of Baja California Norte with the Insights of Franco Magno

The state of Baja California Norte. Hi! Magno readers. The Magno Insights are some of the learnings I’ve come to after 25 years of traveling experience in Mexico. By taking advantage of these inputs, you’ll go a little beyond on your trips in Mexico. Please take advantage of these recommendations that I consider useful for any kind of visitor.

So, some recommendations for the Baja California Norte state are:


* The northwest Mexican border welcomes us spectacularly.

The first recommendation, which I consider is critical here in Baja Norte and based on your likings, is to decide where you want to start living Baja California Norte wonders. Would you like some inputs? Here they go.

The Baja Norte food provides unforgettable experiences to your senses, a marriage of unique experiences, and master cuisine recipes. The best Mexican wine is born here. The “Sea of Cortez” and the immense Pacific Ocean bathes Baja California shores.

Full nature and adventures that keep secrets that only those eager to conquer magnificent exotic lands will discover. Personally, as a travel blogger, I advise you to start your routes from life’s origin. I mean Mother Nature.

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Baja California Norte State Beaches are an Unmissable Attraction, Mexico
Baja California Norte State Beaches are an Unmissable Attraction, Mexico

Beaches, sea, vineyards, deserts, mountains, history, culture, magic, and charm.

Here in Baja California Norte, all these jewels are everywhere.

* Where can you live Baja Norte emotions? Phew! Come and see the world-famous “Baja 1000,” also known as the “Mexican 1000” super off-road race, in November’s third week.

If the Paris-Dakar rally exists, Mexico has its own race without envying other car races. It’s unnecessary to take a shower before attending the event. After this thrilling race, you’ll be soiled up in such ways that you’ll have to go to a car wash to have a refreshing soaking up.

* Don’t forget to spend at least two nights in Tijuana.

The busiest Mexico’s border city on planet earth, not only it’s a transit city, but it has also become a cosmopolitan center that opens its arms to the world with some of the best things that Mexico offers.

* I recommend you not miss the world-famous “Ensalada Cesar” whose origin is precisely Tijuana.

And where can you enjoy it? At the several restaurants in the emblematic “Avenida Revolución.”

At this avenue, you’ll see first-class restaurants with menus for all likings. Bars, souvenir shops, and the places where the “Burros Zebra” wait for their visitors to have the unmissable “selfie” are also part of the charming ambiance.

* Do you visit Mexico from the United States or Canada? I recommend taking a cruise to Ensenada, a separate tourist destination in northern Mexico. This port and city are another of Baja California’s charms.

The Municipal Cultural Center in Ensenada, Baja California Norte State, Mexico
The Municipal Cultural Center in Ensenada, Baja California Norte State, Mexico

The main destination here is not to miss “La Bufadora,” an idyllic marine geyser site combining a sea cave, waves, and some air pressure over the cave, which creates this natural phenomenon.

“La Bufadora” lives in the “Punta Banda” peninsula, thirty-five kilometers (21.7 miles) from the Ensenada port.

Baja California Norte is great, isn’t it? Let me suggest you rent a car to drive in Baja California Norte. Why? Because it’s very convenient and taking advantage of the affordable rates that my partners of Discover Cars offer you here or Economy Bookings that you can get here, driving in Baja California Norte will be trouble-free. Thank you very much for supporting me.

* Have you registered your presence in the world-wide Hussong’s Cantina?

Even if you don’t like spirit drinks, this “cantina” is the very Ensenada’s history.

It’s over 100 years old, and it has seen Ensenada evolve as a port city, and keeping countless secrets inside its walls. It’s a real tourist attraction.

* The Sea of Cortez. What can you do here? I’d better say about what you cannot do here.

Tours and trips through its immense marine spaces, islands, beaches, and coastal villages. Activities like whale watching in the winter, dolphin and sea lion experiences, contemplation of flora and fauna are activities with a must-live-here seal.

Not to forget mentioning sunrises and sunsets, ecotourism, and water sports round perfectly off a journey through these majestic aquatic realms.

* San Felipe is a marvelous coastal village. A day visit may not be enough, but you definitely have to pass through here. What kind of wonders do you see there?

Let me list them down. Sun, sand, beach, and desert live oil paintings. An exquisite senses melody. More top-notch attractions? Sure. “The Valley of the Giants.” The Valley of what?

The “Valle de los Gigantes” is a desertic Baja’s spot full of cardons, those cactus plants that grow at considerable ground height. Additional gifts like nature awareness, peace, and silence are pure gems for visitor’s souls.

Beaches are Another Attraction Close to Tijuana, Baja California Norte State, Mexico
Beaches are Another Attraction Close to Tijuana, Baja California Norte State, Mexico

It’s located twenty-five kilometers (15.5 miles) from the San Felipe coastal village.

The visual and photographic delights that you can record on your camera’s memory from here are simply out of this world. Literally.

* Tecate is a fabulous Baja’s Norte magical town. The services offer to journeyers come from the hand of spas, cave paintings, ranches, and a place like a movie set named “La Rumorosa.”

Should you have been previously to Mexico, you may have noticed that a famous Mexican beer holds the same name as this amazing town.

They are pieces from a fascinating concert for sybarites. One of the world’s best spas is here. That refreshing destination name is “Rancho La Puerta.”

On the other hand, you can visit “La Rumorosa.” It’s both a town and a highway segment between the Tecate and Mexicali towns. This highway takes you to the “Laguna Salada” plains. At this amazing spot, you’ll have splendid divine views before your eyes.

It’s located sixty kilometers (37.2 miles) from the Tecate town. This majestic Baja’s destination offers visitors and drivers several scenic viewpoints to remember in a lifetime.

You’ll also find a unique building here, the “La Casa de Piedra,” which is carved in the rock itself and within the “Geo Parque Casa de Piedra” open spaces.

Don’t forget to empty your camera’s memory the night before, because you’ll need lots of memory space for sure. Oh! I  forgot about it. Don’t be frightened at all if the La Rumorosa road and its viewpoints literally “whisper” in your ears.

It’s a natural phenomenon that happens here as a result of several of nature’s factors. I don’t want to give you more explanations. You have to hear it by yourselves.

* The Mexicali city and its “Fiestas del Sol” celebrations in September and October. One of the many Mexico’s dimensional portals is to attend a traditional and folk fair. Mexicali dresses up with traditional Mexican and contemporary music, dance, and top-notch cuisine.

Without forget mentioning, you’ll also find amusement attractions, typical crafts, and an endless number of live Mexican postcards that you shouldn’t miss out at all for memorable selfies.

Those are the dates to be present at this Mexican sunny northern city. All the typical Mexico’s paraphernalia elements will provide you with hundreds of fun and amazement moments.

Now, what is the result of combining fantastic accommodation options at very affordable prices and awesome tours? Hostelworld and Musement.

These partners of mine offer you excellent lodging rates here and amazing tour options here, so that you can enjoy Baja California Norte to the fullest. Thank you very much for supporting me.

* Baja California Norte’s wine route. It’s Mexican sybarite lifestyle re-expressed.

The “Valle de Guadalupe” begins with this majestic route. It continues with lovely villages and some other valleys like the ones of “Santo Tomás,” “Tanamá,” “San Antonio de las Minas,” “Ojos Negros,” “San Valentín,” and Las Palmas, among some others.

Cozy Public Park in Tecate, Baja California Norte State, Mexico
Cozy Public Park in Tecate, Baja California Norte State, Mexico

Majestic experiences accompanied by outstanding Mexican wine provided by local manufacturing wineries, impressive nature, and world-class cuisine too.

What some specialists have called the “Little Mexican Tuscany” doesn’t disappoint anybody for sure. Don’t miss it out at all.

* Final premium recommendation courtesy of Franco Magno.

Don’t miss out on the great life experience to eat a Baja’s Norte lobster in Puerto Nuevo. This divine coastal paradise is a fantastic little majestic village located between Tijuana and Ensenada, twenty kilometers (12.42 miles) from the “Rosarito” town.

Definitely, it’s one of Mexico’s northern Pacific Ocean living gems. Lineups of fine restaurants prepare lobsters exquisitely in hundreds of ways and flavors. I advise you not to miss a sunset in Puerto Nuevo tasting a lobster. Marvelous living experiences in Mexico at no extra cost. Pure guaranteed pleasure.

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