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Night Monument View of Plaza Patria y Exedra, Aguascalientes Capital City, Aguascalientes State, Mexico
Night Monument View of Plaza Patria y Exedra, Aguascalientes Capital City, Aguascalientes State, Mexico

Travel Insights for the State of Aguascalientes

Magno Travel Insights for the State of Aguascalientes

Traveling in Mexico and in the State of Aguascalientes with the Insights of Franco Magno

The state of Aguascalientes. Hi! Magno readers. The Magno Insights are some of the learnings I’ve come to after 25 years of traveling experience in Mexico. By taking advantage of these inputs, you’ll go a little beyond on your trips in Mexico. Please take advantage of these recommendations that I consider useful for any kind of visitor.

So, some recommendations for the Aguascalientes state are:


* Don’t miss out on visiting the “Feria Nacional de San Marcos” (National San Marcos Fair). This event takes place every year’s late April and early May. One of the most important festive events in Mexico. Some people even name this fair as “Mexico’s fair.”

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Attending a typical Mexican fair is like getting into another dimension. Mexico’s lifestyle and folklore have a date every time one of these events show up on the horizon.

Ok, that’s all right. But, what special things you can find at this typical Aguascalientes’ fair? Musical and cultural events everywhere. Exquisite and formidable culinary options at thousands of restaurants and food stands. An enormous amusement park with a zip-line.

There’s more. Much more. A commercial exhibition with products, souvenirs, and typical craftsmanship from practically every Mexico’s corner. Mexico’s national “Charrería” championship.

Religious Celebration Before the Templo de San Marcos, Aguascalientes Capital City, Aguascalientes State, Mexico
Religious Celebration Before the Templo de San Marcos, Aguascalientes Capital City, Aguascalientes State, Mexico

The Charrería is Mexico’s official sport. Although this sport isn’t the most widely practiced, it enjoys great acceptance throughout Mexico’s territory.

It consists of several activities showing horseback and rope’s handling skills demonstrations.

The event is enlivened with “Ranchera” music (Mexico’s ranch and folk music), that is, Mexico’s Mariachi music.

Some other San Marcos fair’s derivative events are an interesting livestock exhibition, some bull and cockfighting events, and the typical Mexican “Palenques.”

The Palenque is a Mexico’s unique, very typical, joyous, and Mexican folklore vernacular musical event.

It’s performed in a circular stage, like a small bullfighting ring, surrounded by stands where the public attends these popular traditional events.

Famous national singers usually perform Mexican typical “Rancheras” songs. However, in last years, pop music singers also make Palenques. From time to time, some Charreria sports events take place at the Palenques too.

Surrounding a Palenque venue, you can easily find some other amazing Mexican folk expressions. These come by the hand of typical delicious food, beverages, and all kind of souvenirs.

The San Marcos fair main venues are the “Jardín de San Marcos,” the “Isla San Marcos” (a public park featuring a lake), the “Palenque de la Feria,” the “Andadores” Expoplaza and J. Pani,” the “Plaza de Toros de San Marcos,” among some others.

Should you want to get in contact with this amazing Mexican mega party, like they do seven million people every year, I recommend you reserve your arrival and stay with at least five months in advance. Yes, as you read, at least five months in advance.

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* Don’t carry anything from third party people that you don’t know within the fair’s facilities or even outside them. This advice is for the sake of your own safety.

The Cristo Roto (Broken Christ) Aguascalientes State, Mexico
The Cristo Roto (Broken Christ) Aguascalientes State, Mexico

* Be extremely careful with betting in an event like this one. Bets and gambling take another dimension here in Mexico when you attend a celebration like this one.

Some people may get easily offended and aggressive when they lose a bet. I guess you guessed it out. Bad losers exist everywhere.

* The best time to visit Aguascalientes state outside the rainy and cold season is from February to May, except for certain days in February that it’s a little bit cold and some days in May have some showers.

* Outside these months, the second-best time to visit Aguascalientes is from October to mid-December.

* From May to mid-October is the rainy season, so please take your cautions.

* From April’s second week to June’s second week is the year’s season when the hot weather is doing its best intense job.

* The “Jardín San Marcos.” Outside the fair’s months, this Aguascalientes capital city green and lush destination is a point and apart. A great refreshing space that will turn into an oxygenating and peaceful experience.

Big and beautiful trees shade visitor’s traveling journeys inside the capital’s wonders. Impressive pink quarry balusters, water fountains, benches, and an iron-made kiosk worth several selfies will make your trips enjoy a fantastic beginning.

Additionally, you’ll be able to watch the wonderful “Templo de San Marcos” next to the San Marcos garden. This temple features impressive colonial architecture.

Night Monument View of Plaza Patria y Exedra, Aguascalientes Capital City, Aguascalientes State, Mexico
Night Monument View of Plaza Patria y Exedra, Aguascalientes Capital City, Aguascalientes State, Mexico

* The “José Guadalupe Posada” museum. Another Aguascalientes capital city jewel.

José Guadalupe posada was an Aguascalientes-born, past century master prolific illustrator, cartoonist and engraver.

He was very famous for his folklore, traditional Mexican everyday scenes, political and criticism influential drawings.

He was the creator of Mexico’s world-famous “La Catrina” satirical skeleton illustration.

This “calaca” (a friendly word to name in Mexico a skeleton) is an unmissable Mexico’s illustration history classic. At this museum, you can stare at his entire graphics and illustrations collection. An Aguascalientes destination with a tag of you-don’t-miss-out-on-visiting-it-at-all.

* Except for certain stores located in shopping centers like “Espacio Aguascalientes” and “Altaria,” the state of Aguascalientes isn’t an expensive state to visit, eat, stay or have fun.

* As I usually recommend, a visit to Mexico’s municipal markets wherever you are is to enter into the heart of a micro Mexican universe.

The “Mercado Juárez” and “Mercado Reforma” are places to buy typical Mexican products and taste all the Aguascalientes’ regional food dishes at reasonable prices.

* Real de Asientos is a magical state village. Don’t leave the village of “Real de Asientos” without visiting the legendary night walks in the “Convento del Tepozán” to know some history about this interesting place.

You’ll have an entirely different and astounding Aguascalientes-style experience.

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* Since Aguascalientes is a small-sized state, traveling it by highways is an effortless and enjoyable journey.

* The Aguascalientes state has been a mostly safe and peaceful place for visitors for several years. You can feel safe to walk around and visit most of the state’s point of interest without any major safety issue.

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