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Guadalajara Capital City Cathedral, Jalisco State, Mexico
Guadalajara Capital City Cathedral, Jalisco State, Mexico

Travel Insights for the State of Jalisco

Magno Travel Insights for the State of Jalisco

Traveling in Mexico and in the State of Jalisco with the Insights of Franco Magno

The amazing state of Jalisco. Hi! Magno readers. The Magno Insights are some of the learnings I’ve come to after 25 years of traveling experience in Mexico. By taking advantage of these inputs, you’ll go a little beyond on your trips in Mexico. Please take advantage of these recommendations that I consider useful for any kind of visitor.

So, some recommendations for the state of Jalisco are:


* The essence of Mexico lives here. The Mexican symbols live here. The Tequila lives here. The Mariachi lives here. The”Rancheras” songs live here. The Mexican spirit lives here. Jalisco is a must-visit in the Mexican skyline.

Guadalajara Capital City Cathedral, Jalisco State, Mexico
Guadalajara Capital City Cathedral, Jalisco State, Mexico

Exquisite experiences await you here.

They will give you the idea of what Mexico represents nowadays.

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Where can you start?

Depending on your likings, I recommend starting on the coast, in the magnificent “Puerto Vallarta.”

You can also start your trip inland, in the valleys filled with Tequila Agave plants.

Or why not, from the very heart of Jalisco, from the provincial soul of Guadalajara capital city.

* Perhaps the Mexican beaches seduce you as they do with me. An ideal point to start enjoying the essential Jalisco lifestyle is Puerto Vallarta. One of Mexico’s tourist gems where you’ll enter unique spaces to have a remarkable, relaxing and of course, delightful Mexican visit.

* I recommend if it’s your first time visiting Puerto Vallarta, to start taking your firsts steps along the “Malecón” (The boardwalk). One of the epicenters, if not the most important in Puerto Vallarta, is the Malecón. A walk of approximately one kilometer (.62 miles) in the distance where you’ll experience many beautiful sensations.

A Lovely Sunset View in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco State, Mexico
A Lovely Sunset View in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco State, Mexico

First of all, it’s an unmissable focal point for contemplating the Pacific Ocean.

Sunrises and sunsets are no longer a focal point but visual poetry of magnificent colors.

I especially recommend the winter sunsets that take on an extraordinary range of colors and shades in the sky.

Also, “El Malecón” is the perfect place for an evening of shopping or excellent cuisine in its restaurants and cafes.

Besides, you can enjoy here the street artists’ art who liven up the atmosphere.

* Magno travel tip. Dedicate a good sunset and a night, at least, to live the excellent atmosphere of the so-called “Romantic Zone.” Typical Mexican constructions, provincial Mexican coastal environment, traditions, colors, and Mexican art that you can enjoy to the fullest. This area is full of authentic “Vallarta” lifestyle, with typical restaurants, bars, cafes, souvenir shops, and typical hotels.

* Another Magno “Vallartense” travel tip. Once you have breathed the typical “Vallartense” atmosphere in “El Malecón” and the “Romantic Zone,” you have to go to your matter.

Guadalajara Capital City Is Known as The Perla de Occidente (Mexico's Western Pearl), Jalisco State, Mexico
Guadalajara Capital City Is Known as The Perla de Occidente (Mexico’s Western Pearl), Jalisco State, Mexico

That’s to say, to what concerns you, (As we say amicably here in Mexico to what “truje” us, “A lo que nos Truje”).

I mean, to what you mainly come to Puerto Vallarta. To the beaches. Please write their names down:

“Playa Los Muertos” (That’s the name, but there are no bodies buried there, just living and half-naked tourists only).

“Playa Colomitos,” “Playa Yelapa,” “Playa Las Ánimas,” “Playa El Caballo,” and “Playa Conchas Chinas.”

Some others are “Playa Las Gemelas,” “Playa Camarones,” “Playa Olas Altas,” “Playa El Anclote,” “Playa Amapas,”  and “Playa de Oro.” More beaches? Sure. “Playa Quimixto,” “Playa Mismaloya,” “Playa Chacala,” “Playa Tranquila,” “Playa Majahuitas,” and “Playa Las Estacas.”

Jalisco is great, isn’t it? Let me suggest you rent a car to drive in Jalisco.

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* Another Magno “Vallartense” beach trip that is going to save your lives. There’s a beach named “Boca de Tomates,” whose views and horizons are stunning to contemplate. You can live unique moments with your couple, very romantic if you like.

A View of The Ajijic Village, Jalisco State, Mexico
A View of The Ajijic Village, Jalisco State, Mexico

Unfortunately, there are two “small” drawbacks.

The first one is the strong sea’s swell that doesn’t allow very relaxing swimming.

The sea currents that appear there can be dangerous, and the second “small” disadvantage is that there’s a lush natural mangrove in the beach’s vicinity, the estuary “Boca Negra.”

A fantastic habitat of flora and fauna, a beautiful mangrove from where they leave a few quadrupedal animals.

The people call them “crocodiles,” and then they go for a swim in the sea from time to time. It turns out sometimes that some of them didn’t have a very good breakfast.

So, if you don’t want to become a crocodile breakfast, you better fill your cameras with majestic images of coastal nature only. This way, you are now warned. Don’t fall asleep, please.

* Another Magno piece of travel advice. A considerable number of restaurants that border Vallarta’s beaches, only receive payments in Mexican Pesos.

This way, if you were thinking of carrying your credit or debit cards to pay for your consumption of exquisite Vallarta cuisine by the sea, you better leave those ones for the hotels and souvenir shops on the “Malecón” (boardwalk) and the Romantic Zone.

* The attractions in Vallarta continue. There are two more places you shouldn’t miss at all. One is the Historic Center, with the iconic “Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe,” along with its small streets and typical Mexican provincial kiosk.

The other one is the “Río Cuale” island. A point totally apart from what you can see in Vallarta. It’s an oasis, a small space on the “Cuale” river. You can find there museums, culture, gastronomy, souvenirs, and relaxed experiences there.

The Lago Chapala Is a Refreshing Point of Interest Close to Guadalajara Capital City, Jalisco State, Mexico
The Lago Chapala Is a Refreshing Point of Interest Close to Guadalajara Capital City, Jalisco State, Mexico

Magno travel recommendation. Don’t forget to visit the “Gringo Gulch.”

It’s one of the suspension bridges to access this island.

Over there, you can see the bronze sculpture of film director “John Huston,” who, with his film “La Noche de la Iguana” (The Night of the Iguana), raised Puerto Vallarta to the top of the international tourism charts.

* Guadalajara Capital City. The capital and heart of Jalisco.

A tourist attraction by itself. I recommend at least three days to visit its Historic Center, the towns of “Tlaquepaque” and “Tonalá,” not to forget mentioning “Zapopan,” which at least these three spots, would require a whole day to enjoy.

Are there some tourism attractions not to be missed? Of course. There they go. The “Cathedral of Guadalajara,” the “Plaza de la Liberación,” the “Plaza de Armas” and its kiosk, the “Rotonda de Los Jaliscienses Ilustres,” and the “Museo Regional de Guadalajara.”

More delightful points of interest come from the “Glorieta de la Minerva,” the “Plaza de Los Mariachis,” the “Arcos de Guadalajara,” the old “Hospicio Cabañas,” now “Instituto Cultural Cabañas,” and the “Mercado Libertad San Juan de Dios.”

The “Plaza Tapatía,” the “Basílica de Zapopan,” the “Parque Nacional Barranca de Huentitán,” the “Bosque Los Colomos,” among some others, round off a perfect visit to the “Perla Tapatía” city.

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Side View of The Minerva Roundabout in Guadalajara Capital City, Jalisco State, Mexico
Side View of The Minerva Roundabout in Guadalajara Capital City, Jalisco State, Mexico

* Tequila. A village more than magical.

A unique and charming destination that sweetens the look with its horizons full of blue Agave plants.

These are the ones that give origin to the national drink, Tequila.

Its Historic Center with its main square and its typical kiosk will astonish you.

The guided tours of the Agave plantations, and the Tequila distilleries, such as “La Rojeña,” the “Museo Nacional del Tequila,” and the refreshing natural spot of “Los Azules” waterfall, will complement your tour perfectly in this Mexican heavenly magical village.

Now, there’s a Magno way to travel to Tequila.

Don’t forget to take the “Tequila Express.”

It’s a historical train that takes you from Guadalajara to Tequila, where you can record in your memory, exquisite experiences with the splendid scenery that you can watch aboard.

There are first-class services on board during the trip, livened up with high-end gastronomy, and live “Mariachi” music.

Please note that this service is only available on Saturdays and Sundays.

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