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Riviera Nayarit Beaches Are a Source of Fun and Great Sunny Experiences, Nayarit State, Mexico
Riviera Nayarit Beaches Are a Source of Fun and Great Sunny Experiences, Nayarit State, Mexico

Travel Insights for the State of Nayarit

Magno Travel Insights for the State of Nayarit

Traveling in Mexico and in the State of Nayarit with the Insights of Franco Magno

The fabulous state of Nayarit. Hi! Magno readers. The Magno Insights are some of the learnings I’ve come to after 25 years of traveling experience in Mexico. By taking advantage of these inputs, you’ll go a little beyond on your trips in Mexico. Please take advantage of these recommendations that I consider useful for any kind of visitor.

So, some recommendations for the state of Nayarit are:


* Welcome everyone to the lands, the horizons, and the charms of the “Nayar” Mexican state. This state has recently appeared on the map of exotic and traditional beauties, folklore, adventure, entertainment, exceptional experiences that leave traces into the memory.

The Riviera Nayarit Offers Many Sunny Beaches to Spend Fantastic Moments, Nayarit State, Mexico
The Riviera Nayarit Offers Many Sunny Beaches to Spend Fantastic Moments, Nayarit State, Mexico

The “Riviera Nayarit.” Twenty-three micro-destinations. Delicious coastal villages by the sea, abundant and lush by nature.

Over three hundred kilometers (186.41 miles) of coasts, beaches, and more beaches, majestic gems to discover.

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I advise you, depending on your likings, to start by the “Riviera Nayarit.”

However, Nayarit is much more than that. It’s “Sayulita.” It’s the port of “San Blas.” It’s the “Nuevo Vallarta.” It’s the “Islas Marietas.” It’s “Tepic.”

It’s pure charm. Welcome to the “Huichol” and “Cora” indigenous nations’ lands.

* Nuevo Vallarta. I advise you to start here because it’s the entry point to the Riviera Nayarit. Besides, it’s geographically close to another gem of the “Bahía de Banderas,” Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco state.

What to do in Nuevo Vallarta? Practically, everything. Fun and relaxation on its huge and wide beaches. Tours to get in touch with the abundant nature that surrounds this spot. With the splendid sea that embraces you. With aquatic sports in all of its forms and varieties.

More delights at sight. World-class sport fishing, typical “Nayarita” and Mexican cuisine, and pulsating nightlife. Golf courses for those who like sophisticated experiences. Great spas in its international hotels, and souvenir postcards that every photograph lover will like to hoard.

* The Sayulita magical village. Cosmopolitan world’s mini-capital in the Nayarit state. Delicious, fascinating, and majestic coastal village. Typical Mexican style where tradition and adventures in full contact with nature take another dimension.

Cobbled streets to walk without rest. Lavish beaches and a charming sea embrace its conquerors eager for pristine experiences. Art and culture are also present here. The color and texture of the broad Mexican artisan tradition explode into multi-colored and multi-textured items that will make you fall in love with them.

If you are surfing lovers, I strongly advise you have to be there. Should it’s the first time you come, I recommend starting by touring those cobbled streets of this picturesque village where Sayulita will whisper in your ear and eyes, the most beautiful postcards this paradise offers.

Do you like ecotourism? Perfect. Several tour operators have magnificent tours reserved for you, even to say enough! Some nightlife? There are also several “antros” here (as they are called here in Mexico) to party all night long. Some gastronomy? Sure. Fresh fish and seafood prepared in several typical ways, and international cuisine options for all likings, will keep your stomach busy all day long.

The Riviera Nayarit Offers Great Golf Courses, Nayarit State, Mexico
The Riviera Nayarit Offers Great Golf Courses, Nayarit State, Mexico

* If you come with your love mate, you must be present in “Playa Los Muertos” (Dead’s Beach).

However, there isn’t anything to worry about. There are no bodies buried there.

All those are in the local Sayulita cemetery, which is where you have to go through to access the beach.

That’s why this beach takes its name from.

Playa Los Muertos is a secluded haven in Sayulita, where love will surely have a special flavor. With calm waves, the impression of being on a virgin beach will capture your senses. Please enjoy.

Nayarit is great, isn’t it? Let me suggest you rent a car to drive in Nayarit.

Why? Because it’s very convenient and taking advantage of the affordable rates that my partners of Discover Cars offer you here or Economy Bookings that you can get here, driving in Nayarit will be trouble-free. Thank you very much for supporting me.

* Once you have felt the Sayulita’s throbbing as you walk on its typical cobbled streets, I now recommend perceiving the other throbbing of Sayulita, that of the sea, and the “Bahía de Banderas.” The Riviera Nayarit’s pulse and heartbeat.

There are guided boat tours that depart from Sayulita, and visit places on the coast that you cannot access by foot or motor vehicle. You can also practice swimming and snorkeling, kayaking, and having lots of fun and entertainment onboard.

* Magno travel recommendation. If you plan to get around the several Sayulita’s points of interest, don’t miss out on renting a golf cart to get around. You’ll find golf cart rental shops at affordable prices in the village’s downtown that will ease your tours here.

* Another Magno travel tip. Since you are here, learn the basics of surfing. Sayulita is one of the marvelous epicenters on Mexico’s Pacific Ocean coasts where expert surfers have established their schools.

There are courses for all ages, budgets, and different sessions durations since you can take lessons per hour or even days. And the waves? Ugh!! Some of Mexico’s best.

Sayulita is surf, and learning doesn’t cost too much. Oh! and the sharks or “Tiburcios,” as we call them here in Mexico, don’t bother surfers frequently.

It’s more, the last one that somebody saw was in 2014, and it didn’t plan to have a tourist for breakfast. That shark was swimming “Norteado,” (A way to say here in Mexico that shark was lost).

* Magno recommendation number two. It’s more, more than a tip or recommendation for a trip. It’s a “must.” Visit, appreciate, and respect, please, (because it’s a delicate ecosystem), the fascinating “Islas Marietas.”

Located nineteen kilometers (11.80 miles) off the coast of “Punta Mita,” “Isla Larga,” and “Isla Redonda,” they are earthly paradises of flora and fauna and white sand beaches. To get to them, you must take a tour allowed by the local authorities, which departs from various points in Punta Mita.

Riviera Nayarit Beaches Are a Source of Fun and Great Sunny Experiences, Nayarit State, Mexico
Riviera Nayarit Beaches Are a Source of Fun and Great Sunny Experiences, Nayarit State, Mexico

* More Magno travel insights.

Don’t stop observing, watching, and listening to nature. Both on land and in the sea.

Sayulita is surrounded by majestic nature places in which you can admire beautiful shores full of flora.

You’ll hear songbirds with beautiful plumage, and you can also appreciate peaceful dolphins.

You’ll see whales in the waters of Sayulita in the sightseeing season. This way, don’t forget to be ready with your camera.

* Punta de Mita’s land tip. More and more sea, beaches, and more charm wherever you see it. After living in my own flesh, I advise you to conquer “Punta de Mita” by land.

You can also tour the peninsula by ground and by the sea, or through tour operators that make trips to wide open places and some other ones that you can only access by boat.

Don’t forget to perceive the good vibes that “Punta de Mita” typical village, emanates with its cobbled streets, where the atmosphere and the good life come together to delight travelers. Ecotourism, horseback riding, water sports, flora, and fauna contemplation. These are Punta de Mita’s charms.

* Delight in its magnificent beaches. “El Anclote,” “La Escollera,” “Marismas,” “Playa Faro,” and “Corral del Risco.” The peninsula isn’t very large. You can go along these prodigious points to encounter peace, relaxation, fun, and entertainment in two or three days as much. These beaches will work wonders out on your soul.

* Golf lovers? Are you Master players? Just beginning? Do you want to learn? Congratulations!! You are in one of the world’s golf paradises.

For those who don’t believe what I state, please ask his majesty, the “Golden Bear,” Mr. Jack Nicklaus, who said “yes” when asked to design two of the world’s most beautiful golf courses. Those are represented by the “Punta Mita Pacífico,” and the “Punta Mita Bahía” golf courses.

The first has a real golf treasure. A unique challenge in the world that you can only face here. That’s the challenge of making a “hole” in the “Cola de Ballena” (Whale’s Tail) hole. It’s the only golf hole with a “3b” standard in the world. Over there, you can take the Tiger Woods out that we all have inside.

Now, what is the result of combining fantastic accommodation options at very affordable prices and awesome tours? Hostelworld and Musement.

These partners of mine offer you excellent lodging rates here and amazing tour options here, so that you can enjoy Nayarit to the fullest. Thank you very much for supporting me.

* Bucerías. More pearls from the Riviera Nayarit coastal necklace. As I recommended it for Sayulita and Punta de Mita, you can start conquering “Bucerías” by its delicious and typical little village cobbled streets. Here you’ll feel the Bucerías heartbeat in your hands.

Picturesque postcards that only the “Nayarita” tradition and folk customs can deliver here. Don’t forget to record in your cameras some images of the church of “Nuestra Señora de la Paz.” This charming religious temple offers a visual set of wooden arches, beams and pillars, and an intense white color that your sight deserves to watch.

A Golf Player Enjoying Riviera Nayarit's Golf Courses, Nayarit State, Mexico
A Golf Player Enjoying Riviera Nayarit’s Golf Courses, Nayarit State, Mexico

Remember to take off your hat or cap momentarily when entering.

If there’s a Christian mass or celebration inside, scroll down the churchs’ side aisles, and turn off your camera flash, please.

Everybody will be happy and satisfied with this action while you go along its spaces.

* What else to do in Bucerías? Live life at its full.

Ecotourism, water sports, and splendid gastronomy will be at your hand’s reach.

Its soft and smooth beaches’ sand, horseback riding, and its nightlife full of options are activities where your presence is greatly appreciated.  Fantastic art and culture also add to a great nightlife cocktail through the Bucerías “Art Night Walk.”

* Magno travel tip. Make a note in your plan not to miss a sunset on the Bucerías beach since the winter sunsets are exceptionally beautiful and picturesque.

* As we say in Mexico, the “La última y nos vamos” (The last one and we are leaving; at least, for now, Magno followers). Final Magno travel recommendation.

Don’t leave Bucerías without purchasing a souvenir, even a small one, of “Huichol” art. This original indigenous group from Nayarit’s state gives us their most beautiful, colorful handcrafted expressions in various objects that enhance the decoration of the place they occupy.

Magical hands. Wise hands that know how to transcend time. They are Mexico’s, Nayarit’s, and Bucerías contemporary unmissable and fundamental living legacy.

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