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Cocoa Pods Containing Cocoa Seeds in The State of Tabasco, Mexico
Cocoa Pods Containing Cocoa Seeds in The State of Tabasco, Mexico

Travel Insights for the State of Tabasco

Magno Travel Insights for the State of Tabasco

Traveling in Mexico and in the State of Tabasco with the Insights of Franco Magno

The abundant state of Tabasco. Hi! Magno readers. The Magno Insights are some of the learnings I’ve come to after 25 years of traveling experience in Mexico. By taking advantage of these inputs, you’ll go a little beyond on your trips in Mexico. Please take advantage of these recommendations that I consider useful for any kind of visitor.

So, some recommendations for the state of Tabasco are:


* There’s a little state in Mexico bordering the Gulf of Mexico. However, there’s such an amazing menu of lavish natural and archaeological treasures in its compact territory, such unforgettable experiences that any given visitor will remember them for years.

A Cocoa Pod View, Tabasco State, Mexico
A Cocoa Pod View, Tabasco State, Mexico

I’m talking about charming cities and villages like “Villahermosa,” “Tapijulapa,” “Paraíso,” “Tacotalpa,” “Cunduacán,” “Huimanguillo,” “Los Pantanos de Centla,” and “Comalcalco.”

There’s and eden in Mexico, and that eden is called Tabasco.

A tropical paradise of heavenly level which delights and enchants your senses.

Welcome to the abundance, the refreshing, and the majestic experience of visiting Tabasco.

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* I recommend starting where the heart of history is beating, and that heart is the Villahermosa capital city.

Over there, you can “turn on the light” of your tour, by starting with the Historic Center or also known as the “Zona Luz” (Light Zone).

At this formidable micro-destination, a formation of delicious and colorful colonial buildings will wait for you. As I said, turn the lights on right there.

Your journey will begin in good ways as you go through those little capital city streets. By arriving at the “Plaza de Armas” with its fantastic and lush tropical trees such as the “Guayacán,” the fascination will have caught you for sure.

The beautiful white “Palacio de Gobierno” showing a neoclassical architectural style will catch your sight too. The historic and colonial neighborhoods like the one of the “Concepción” or also known as “La Punta” will present amazing views with its special charm.

Captivating neighborhoods like  the “La Santa Cruz” and “Esquipulas” ones. The “Casa de Los Azulejos,” which today houses the “Museum of History of Tabasco,” and the “Parque Juárez,” where you can enjoy peaceful afternoons full of a friendly atmosphere, will add more joy to your senses for sure.

Paradise Tropical Views Are Waiting for You in The State of Tabasco, Mexico
Paradise Tropical Views Are Waiting for You in The State of Tabasco, Mexico

The “Señor de Tabasco” Cathedral in baroque style with its spiky towers and the impressive Regional Museum of Anthropology “Carlos Pellicer,” won’t disappoint visitors.

The museum has a collection of Olmeca and Maya archaeological pieces of such magnitude that it’s the second most complete of Mexico.

Unmissable points of interest to visit.

Once you understand the importance of those previous alluring places, now you can admire another beautiful building.

The old building of the “Banco Nacional de México” in Art Decó style, and that of the neoclassical style of the “Casa de la Cultura” that belongs to the Tabasco University, cannot be skipped by journeyers.

Tabasco is great, isn’t it? Let me suggest you rent a car to drive in Tabasco.

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Another one worth seeing is the beautiful green granite facade of the former “Sanatorio Juchiman.”

One more. The viewpoint of the “Torre del Caballero.” Located on the banks of the “Grijalva” river where selfies and photographs of the Villahermosa heights will be just like that, beautiful.

The last ones, I’m sorry, but Tabasco state is just fantastic. There are more.

Mangrove Trees in Tabasco State Rainforests, Mexico
Mangrove Trees in Tabasco State Rainforests, Mexico

The beautiful ecological reserve of flora and fauna “Yumká,” and the splendid tours of the “Grijalva” river aboard the ship “Capitán Beuló II.”

The “Parque Tabasco” with its interactive museum “Papagayo” for children will raise their hands to allure you to go there.

* Is there still more?

Much more. Now you’ll marvel at the “Parque Museo La Venta,” where the vestiges of the ancient Olmeca culture are impressive.

There you’ll photograph the imposing, monumental giant head sculptures carved in stone.

Since it’s an open-air botanical garden park next to the “Laguna de las Ilusiones,” the experience of contact with nature, flora, fauna, history, and culture make up a magnificent symphony for the senses. There are day and night tours, and you find all the essential services for visitors there.

* Is there any more high-end history? Sure friends. So, don’t lose any more time and go to “Comalcalco.” The archaeological site whose meaning in the “Náhuatl” language is the “En la Casa del Comal,” (In the comal’s house).

You can find this amazing historic Maya’s settling 56 kilometers (34.79 miles) away from Villahermosa’s capital city. It’s like an hour-long ride by highways.

Cocoa Pods Hanging From a Cocoa Tree, Tabasco State, Mexico
Cocoa Pods Hanging From a Cocoa Tree, Tabasco State, Mexico

The lavish Maya culture had its peak here in the period known as the “Classic” in the years of 200 to 900 AD (DC).

You’ll find four leading architectural ensembles and several mounds of land that functioned as residential and agricultural areas at this site.

Comalcalco was an ancient site for trading and pottery production.

There are essential visitor services.

* Magno travel tip.

As you walk through Comalcalco, don’t think about missing the marvelous “Cocoa and Chocolate Route” (La Ruta del cacao y el chocolate). You can enjoy great times of this amazing route at the nearby “Jesús María” and “Hacienda La Luz” cocoa farms.

At those majestic places, you’ll soak up with everything that the cultivation of this prodigious plant carries to all the people who depend on the cropping of this gods’ fruit.

You might not know that Mexico is the world’s point of the first origin of “Cacao” (Cocoa). You’ll taste several varieties of chocolate at these farms to have a wonderful and unique delicious day.

Cocoa Pods Containing Cocoa Seeds in The State of Tabasco, Mexico
Cocoa Pods Containing Cocoa Seeds in The State of Tabasco, Mexico

* Another travel piece of advice.

I recommend delighting with the past, the mystique, and the heritage left by the ancient and primitive Olmeca culture.

Yes, I’m talking about the archaeological zone of “La Venta.”

You can find this ancient Olmeca site on an island next to the river “Tonalá” in the municipality of “Huimanguillo” 112 kilometers (69.59 miles) from Villahermosa city.

Right there, the heart of the “mother culture” Olmeca civilization unfolds glitteringly.

Ten architectural complexes will greet your presence. Eye-catching pyramids and several places where the Jade stone starred the cult to their ancient deities, will set your mind on Wow! mode.

The Olmeca culture had its walk in the times over 2,500 years ago. The unmissable place to take top-notch postcards.

* Are there more “Tesoritos” (little treasures) in Tabasco? (Little treasures of Tabasco, like the Mexican singer born in Tabasco “Laura León,” would say “Tesoritos”).

Phew! I list them here. The tropical capital’s city park “Tomás Garrido Canabal” and its charming walks through the “Laguna de las Ilusiones.” The “Villa Luz” natural park, near Villahermosa city, is another astounding traveler’s spot.

Mangrove Tree Leaves in Tabasco State Tropical Rainforests, Mexico
Mangrove Tree Leaves in Tabasco State Tropical Rainforests, Mexico

Is there something else? Yes, for sure.

The paradisiacal ecological park “Agua Selva” in the municipality of “Huimanguillo” is another Mexico’s divine setting.

Tabasco also has the fantastic waterfalls of “Reforma,” located in the municipality of “Balancán,” and the tropical and beautiful ecological reserve “Villa Luz.”

Other places consist of the small but attractive “Grutas de Coconá,” and the “Drupa” interactive chocolate museum will round off memorable visits in Tabasco.

As the disco music singer “Andrea True” used to sing in the late 70s, more more more.

The delicious municipality of “Paraíso” with its beautiful tropical views, and the fantastic “Agua Blanca” state park with its wonderful waterfalls, will refresh your minds and souls.

Not to forget mentioning, this astonishing spot is full of exotic flora and fauna. The paradisiacal “Pantanos de Centla,” and more and more and more. I told you. Tabasco is an eden.

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A Tapijulapa Magical Village River View, Tabasco State, Mexico
A Tapijulapa Magical Village River View, Tabasco State, Mexico

* “Tapijulapa.” Magic village. A tropical charm which enchants everybody.

Cobblestone streets, picturesque little houses adorned with balconies of colorful flowers, a refreshing river that embraces the town along with the “Amatán” river, and its main square with its typical Mexican kiosk.

Tapijulapa also offers delicious gastronomy with fresh local products.

All these wonders framed by a lush and profuse tropical vegetation.

Close to Taijulapa, you can marvel at the “Villa Luz” state park and the “Kolem Jaá” park too.

Did you see it? Tabasco is a huge, generous, and overwhelming chest of little, great treasures.

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