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Prickly Pears or Tunas Are Just Delicious and Refreshing; Mexico
Prickly Pears or Tunas Are Just Delicious and Refreshing; Mexico

Two Sweet and Tasty Fruits for Your Mexico City Visits

Two Sweet and Tasty Fruits for Your Mexico City Visits

Eating, and Eating is traveling. The “Tuna” (prickly pear) and the “Persimon(io)” (Persimmon/kaki) Will Sweeten your Stay in Mexico City. (And Probably Elsewhere)

Mexico City. Traveling isn’t only moving from one place to another to take selfies or video photographs with your cameras or smartphones.

It’s not a shopping trip to buy some local souvenirs, or just visiting some destinations’ points of interest.

Traveling and exploring new destinations, new directions, and new horizons involve doing a little reflection and introspection. Hence, one way or another, you test yourself immersed in a different environment.

It’s also an informal getaway experiment to come out of the usual comfort zone you usually live.

Prickly Pears or Tunas Are Just Delicious and Refreshing; Mexico
Prickly Pears or Tunas Are Just Delicious and Refreshing; Mexico

One of these immersion experiences outside the usual comfort zone, my dear Magno followers, involves delving into new and unknown flavors. Delights you can savor when exploring a new country.

When you decide to visit Mexico, you’ll inevitably be tempted, attracted, seduced, and exposed to a wide range of flavors.

You’ll also be in front of very Mexican smells, colors, and textures that will make you think you definitely are in Mexico.

I guess this may represent a challenge for visitors, like, for example, for Europe’s northern countries visitors.

Because of these nations’ geographical location, travelers coming to a country like Mexico will experience a unique and diverse country. Mexico features several and different climates types that will open their senses for sure.

Mexico is a unique nation that expresses its soul, spirit, and self-being, in many different, tasty forms. One of these represents their natural treasures.

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Fruits and vegetables produced here in the tri-colored flag -nation will amaze the palates and the journeyer’s demands for real and exotic, zesty flavors.

This way, I’ll describe here two seasonal fruits you may run into when you place your feet on Mexico’s grounds.

The “Tuna” (prickly pear) and the “Persimon(io)” (persimmon/kaki). Mouth-watering allowed. Bon appetit!


1.) La Tuna (The Prickly Pear)


La “Tuna,” whose translation into the English language is “prickly pear,” is a fruit whose natural origin is the “Nopal,” a genus of Mexican original cacti plants.

This sweet, delicious, and formidable fruit is invariably present in Mexico’s specialties and delicacies menu. This fruit usually appears available in late spring and early summer until September.

A View of Mexico's Prickly Pears or Tunas Whose Country of Origin Is Mexico As Well
A View of Mexico’s Prickly Pears or Tunas Whose Country of Origin Is Mexico As Well

This exquisite fruit with thick, prickly peel and juicy pulp, has a seeds’ abundance inside its body.

It’s one of those delicacies that if you come to Mexico, especially to Mexico City, it’s kind of a sin not to enjoy it.

I should mention that there are several “Tunas” varieties.

The most common type you can find is the so-called “Tuna Blanca” (white prickly pear).

However, you may also see that Mexico produces the “Tuna Amarilla” (yellow prickly pear) and the “Xoconostle” fruit, whose exterior appearance goes from pale green to vivid light-purple.

Okay, that’s fine. But where do you find the “Tunas”? Of course, you can find them in the wide typical fruit and food markets variety throughout Mexico City.

Over there, you can find the “Tunas” in their natural way. Besides, you can also purchase them prepared in several presentations, that is, without the peel.

Mexico Is Prickly Pears or Cactus Fruit Country of Origin
Mexico Is Prickly Pears or Cactus Fruit Country of Origin

My country fellows fruit vendors sell them sliced in portions and inside a plastic tumbler for right away consumption in many cases.

This fact represents carrying easiness and eating convenience.

Very good. But, are there any benefits in consuming this “exotic” Mexican fruit? Uff!! I’m afraid I will need two more posts to list them down.

This exquisite fruit makes a clear impact on the health of those wise people who consume it.

This fruit is very high in water and fiber content. Some scientific studies have concluded the “Tunas” aid to process blood sugar excess.

This little natural miracle also improves digestion, strengthens the body’s bones, and provides fresh, useful antioxidants.

This magnificent fruit also helps reduce the body’s acidity and provides it with several essential minerals. It also contains C, B2, and B6 vitamins, phosphorous, potassium, and calcium.

Did I mention it reduces cholesterol? Well, now you know it.

This fruit is so tasty that a typical Mexican song sings: “I must eat that “Tuna,” even if I sting my hand with it. It’s definitely worth stinging your hand.

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2.) The Persimon or Persimonio (Persimmon/Kaki)


This fruit isn’t native to Mexico. However, it has adapted very well to Mexican weather conditions.

Like many other fruits, this fleshy berry that immigrants who came from all world’s corners to Mexico arrived in these sunny lands by the hand of those visionaries to stayed here forever.

The Persimmon brought to these noble lands by those globe-trotters, adapted to Mexico’s soil and climate types perfectly.

Persimmon Is Going to Sweeten Your Journey in Mexico City
Persimmon Is Going to Sweeten Your Journey in Mexico City

Some foreign fruits that also landed in Mexico are represented by the lemon, the orange, the mango, and the papaya, among others.

Once grown in Mexican lands, those fruits acquired a rich, tasty, accentuated, and different flavor.

All these features provided by Mexican lands were easy to be embodied in these fruits thanks to the ideal geographical and climatic conditions that Mexico enjoys.

The “Persimon(io) or persimmon (kaki) fruit is a fleshy berry that you can find, once again, in Mexico’s city public typical fruit and food markets from mid-September to the end of the year.

This fruit is approximately the size of a peach with an accentuated orange color.

A delicious, sweet, pulpy, and juicy fruit that, when it reaches its ripeness, you can eat it, especially when it has a soft tactile consistency.

The benefits that this nature’s gift will provide you are hydration since it’s a very juicy fruit. It also contains a high level of vitamins and minerals, good fiber content, and some antioxidants.

Comparing other fruits to Persimmon, this berry is considerably caloric, which will definitely be an ally in your Mexico’s city tours.

You Can Find Persimmon Fruit at Mexico City Typical Food Markets
You Can Find Persimmon Fruit at Mexico City Typical Food Markets

If you are going to walk under CDMX sun rays, this nature award will keep you well hydrated.

The ancient Aztec capital is considerably profuse in points of interest.

This way, if you accompany your day trips by fruits such as the Mexican prickly pear and the Persimmon, those journeys will be more than memorable.

When travelers fill their “vacations” tanks properly, their explorations and adventures in the old “Tenochtitlán” (Mexico’s City former name for the Aztec’s historical human settlement) will surely be much more comfortable.

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Thanks to all the properties and benefits of these fruits, no dehydration sessions will interrupt your fascination in the “Ciudad de los Palacios” (City of Palaces).

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