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A View of the Ancient Maya Observatory El Caracol Chichén Itzá, Yucatán State, Mexico
A View of the Ancient Maya Observatory El Caracol Chichén Itzá, Yucatán State, Mexico

Yucatán State Side A and B No. 1

Yucatán State Side A and B No. 1

Analysis of Mexico and Yucatán State Destinations by Franco Magno

The state of Yucatán. Today it’s a legend. Some time ago, it was a legend too. Chichén Itzá was the talk of the town. And it couldn’t be helped. “Canek,” the last ruler of Chichén Itzá, was truly in love with “Sac-Nicté,” the Princess of Mayapán. Sac-Nicté was engaged in marriage to another character. However, Canek knew that she must be his woman.

And so it was. On the day of the wedding, Canek showed up in Mayapán, took Sac-Nicté, and the two had to flee, as the fury of the Mayapán rulers was no less. They decided to undertake a military campaign against Chichén Itzá, which had to be abandoned by its inhabitants, who decided to follow their ruler in the company of his beloved.

A View of the Ancient Maya Observatory El Caracol Chichén Itzá, Yucatán State, Mexico
A View of the Ancient Maya Observatory El Caracol Chichén Itzá, Yucatán State, Mexico

Today, we can go and return with friends, alone, with family, with our beloved to Chichén Itzá. However, Chichén Itzá doesn’t stay alone there; it goes with you.

When you return home, whatever your origin is, a little piece of Chichén Itzá and Yucatán will remain in your soul.

Unmissable gems framed by a real treasure, the historical land of the ancient Maya heart.

Welcome to the fascinating and exquisite grounds of the Yucatán state.

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Let’s walk then to the Magno side A and B of Yucatán state.

Side A


Splendid Magno side A. The state of Yucatán, is more than a destination in a travel schedule. It’s a travel spot par excellence. Fantastic menu of delicacies that enchant visitors and travelers from all latitudes.

History and cultural heritage, ancestral archeological legacies that remain there. From the enigmatic Maya archeological sites, through its jungles, its cenotes, its colonial temples, its “Henequén” haciendas, its climate, its nature, its

The Monumento a la Patria in Paseo de Montejo, Mérida City, Yucatán state, Mexico
The Monumento a la Patria in Paseo de Montejo, Mérida City, Yucatán state, Mexico

gastronomy, its people, its beaches, its everything.

The number of options and experiences available to visitors confirms an authentic menu of exquisite dishes.

Another Magno side A, a good starting point to begin our explorations inside the lands of the “Mayab.” Mérida’s Capital city.

The biggest city, diversified and with the best offer of services to the travelers, perfectly communicated by ground transportation to other inland cities, with its international airport that delivers air services to most of Mexico’s cities.

The options of high-end hotels, restaurants, historic architecture, guided tours to archaeological zones, to natural places, to any tourist attraction inside the state’s territories, are available at the disposal of everyone right here, in the capital city.

More Magno sides A. Being one of the friendliest and safest states in Mexico, our travel itineraries and tours don’t face significant setbacks that will hinder them.

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Side B


Personally, I don’t consider it a negative aspect at all; in fact, it’s part of the magic and the enchantment of Yucatán state.

One of the Magno sides B is the weather that most of the year visitors can enjoy in Yucatán. It tends to be hot, humid, and sub-humid in most of the state territory. So, the Magno recommendation I make below will be vital in making the most of your stay in Yucatán.

Another side B that comes up when you visit warm destinations. Violent weather phenomena. In the recent history of Yucatán, there haven’t been any hurricanes that have seriously compromised the state’s infrastructure and social peace. To be honest, they aren’t even frequent, although there are copious rains that can leave some floods.


Seagulls Flying between Palm Made Mexican Palapas, Puerto Progreso Beach, Yucatán state, Mexico
Seagulls Flying between Palm Made Mexican Palapas, Puerto Progreso Beach, Yucatán state, Mexico

The hurricanes that took place in 2002 and 2005 are far away in Yucatán’s memories.

So, as you can see, this isn’t a point to worry about. Anyways, don’t forget to keep an eye on weather forecasts reports.

The last Magno side B. From July to September and because of the intensification of the rainy season, mosquitoes’ presence is evident.

Fortunately, the diseases that these flying enemies release by their stings are under the control of state health authorities, so it will definitely not represent an obstacle for your Yucatán tours.

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The Franco Magno Recommendation


Here are a couple of Magno tips to make the most of your stay in Yucatán. I surely think it’s worth reminding you that the use of lightweight clothing, made with natural fabrics, in light colors will help you enjoy the weather and not suffer it. A good hat and sunglasses must undoubtedly be present in your items for your travel wardrobe.

Second Magno travel tip for the heart of the ancient Maya lands. Carrying some natural insect repellents, such as those containing essences of citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, and cloves will surely take your mind off the worry of having to kick them out against their “visits” to your arms, legs, etc.

One last Magno traveling tip for Yucatán. An important amount of “cenotes” (sinkholes) throughout the state allow the entrance of visitors for the enjoyment of their refreshing waters.

Certainly, it’s an alternate dimension in which you enter in full contact with mother nature, so it’s common to find in some of them, different kinds of little fish that swim inside their waters. When they detect the presence of humans, some of them usually approach swimmers, since these little friends are curious.

A View Inside a Cenote (Sinkhole) in Yucatán state, Mexico
A View Inside a Cenote (Sinkhole) in Yucatán state, Mexico

Sometimes you may feel a slight tingling on your feet as a result of these minnows sucking up dead skin cells.

This happening is perfectly normal and doesn’t cause any temporary or permanent damage.

Oh, by the way, for those of you who feel terrorized by movies where marine animals play games with human beings swimming in their waters, there’s no marine wildlife inside the Yucatán “cenotes” that would endanger the lives of swimming travelers.

I state this clearly so that you don’t make up horrible paranoia ideas in your minds.

“Hey “Boxito” (friendly way to name a person in Yucatán), don’t forget the “Tikin Xic” fish dish and the “Chaya” flavored water!” That’s how a “Chichí” (Maya grandmother) recommended me when I once asked about the typical dishes for the delight of visitors in Yucatán state.

Yucatán is unquestionably becoming a topic that visitors often talk about.

Whether it’s for vacation, business, and conventions, romance tourism, which includes weddings and engagement, gastronomic tourism, and cruises, among other modalities, getting enchanted with the delights of the Maya heartland is undoubtedly an investment in happiness, fun, and harmony.

This investment really stays engraved in the body, soul, and mind of all those who decide to let themselves be seduced by the call of the latitudes where the “Boxitos” will receive us in such a friendly way.

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