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An Aerial Shot of Zacatecas Capital City, Zacatecas state, Mexico
An Aerial Shot of Zacatecas Capital City, Zacatecas state, Mexico

Zacatecas State Side A and B

Zacatecas State Side A and B Chapter 01


Analysis of Mexico’s Travel Destinations by Franco Magno


We shattered them their mother.” (Les rompimos su madre) This was the war report that Colonel “Montejo” gave to General “Pancho Villa” after seven hours of fierce fighting.

That was the personality of the Northern Division army General, Pancho Villa. Tough, sturdy, and battle-hardened. He knew perfectly well that on July 23, 1914, he should not “beat around the bush” (Andarse por las ramas) an expression we use here in Mexico to describe the need to avoid giving a matter a second thought and going straight to the core of the situation.

He knew this achievement was somewhat complicated. However, he was conscious he had the necessary elements for the city takeover.

A View of a Zacatecas' Historic Center Street, Zacatecas state, Mexico
A View of a Zacatecas’ Historic Center Street, Zacatecas state, Mexico

Zacatecas was a vital mining enclave, strategic, and connected by several railroad lines that would make it easier for the revolutionary forces to reach Mexico’s capital city.

The so-called capture of Zacatecas (Toma de Zacatecas) represented a battle between the armed forces of the Northern Division commanded by General Pancho Villa and the federal government forces led by the Generals Luis Medina and Benjamin Argumedo.

That’s how important, significant, and interesting Zacatecas state becomes to visitors. One by one, they seized the hills surrounding the city to commit the final assault on the capital city of Zacatecas.

Now my Magno followers, you don’t need to shatter anything to anyone, but to conquer Zacatecas state and all of its delicacies will be a fascinating undertaking.

Let’s then advance on foot or running, or on horseback towards the Magno side A and B of Zacatecas state.


Side A


Certainly, without fear of being wrong, you can advance your pieces of tourist artillery to the heart of the fascination that history has bequeathed us through this priceless colonial heritage that we now can admire.

Unmissable Magno A side. The Historic Center of Zacatecas Capital city.

Over there you will have to assault with your presence those architectural treasures like the “Catedral de Zacatecas” dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption, and then you can move your armies to visit the impressive “Acueducto El Cubo,” the cable car of Zacatecas to capture remarkable views of the capital city and the imposing, emblematic “Cerro de la Bufa,” will also be great objectives.

Continuing with your incursion into one of the most graceful historic centers in all Mexico, you will find the Church of “Santo Domingo” and lovely cultural representatives by the hand of the “Museo Zacatecano,” Rafael and Pedro Coronel Museums and the Francisco Goitia Museum.

An Aerial Shot of Zacatecas Capital City, Zacatecas state, Mexico
An Aerial Shot of Zacatecas Capital City, Zacatecas state, Mexico

However, the spots that you should “secure” in the capital to finish marveling with the charm of this fascinating historic treasure of Mexico don’t end there.

You should be present in the “Plaza de Armas” as well, in the Government Palace too without leaving aside the beautiful “Hidalgo Avenue” where magnificent colonial buildings, small squares, and the beautiful “Teatro Calderón” will stand firm.

Finally, to round off a tourist raid, you must go down into the earth’s insides to the “El Edén” mine, where you will have an exciting mining experience that will allow you to meet the spirit with which the city of Zacatecas saw its first years of life.

Don’t forget to go for a walk in the historic center at night to admire the fantastic spectacle of colors when all these architectural treasures show lights of quaint colors.


Side B


The weather. As I mentioned in other posts, the B side shows us the other side of the experience, in this case, when visiting Zacatecas. From May to August, the hot weather is present, and for all of you who love this climate, it won’t be an obstacle at all. Hydration becomes a “must.”

Another Magno piece of advice. Here it goes the B side of all the B sides. Winter season. From the middle of November until the beginning of March, the frosty weather will make its advance into this magnificent city. Besides, from December to mid-February, the thermal sensation you can perceive in Zacatecas state is sensibly cold.

This way, your task is to defend yourselves with the accurate pieces of clothing from the progress that cold weather makes in the state of Zacatecas.

Another B side. Sporadically in February, since this month is regularly windy here, wind swirls can show up in open spaces like plateaus and prairies. Please be aware of this happening to avoid having your camera or cell phone flying on the skies.

A Night View of Zacatecas' Capital City Cathedral Front, Zacatecas state, Mexico
A Night View of Zacatecas’ Capital City Cathedral Front, Zacatecas state, Mexico

Besides, from time to time, one tornado in the summer, which is from June to mid-September, may show up.

Nevertheless, tornadoes are far from being of the size, proportions, and destructive power of the ones that unfortunately appear in the “Tornado Corridor” in the United States of America.



The Magno Recommendation:


Magno travel tip for the Zacatecas state. Be careful when driving (if you decide to rent a car) on the state roads and be aware of the weather reports that the respective authorities issue to keep the population and visitors informed in February.

It isn’t a dangerous phenomenon here in Zacatecas that wind swirls destroy the state’s cities and towns. Still, some road segments run along wide-open prairies where wind swirls can form. Please have your cameras ready to capture this mighty natural phenomenon.

Second Magno travel tip for Zacatecas state. If you choose to explore Zacatecas in the winter months, don’t forget packing good skincare products in your travel arsenal, like moisturizers and cleansers.

The cold gusts of wind that usually blow in the winter months cause the wind temperature to be somewhat lower, so the skins of all those delicate visitors may experience dehydration and dryness.

José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, that is to say, the “Generalisimo Pancho Villa” lived on convincement that the capture of Zacatecas city had been fundamentally crucial in his plans to advance towards the capital of Mexico.

However, the capital city of Zacatecas not scarcely deserves you take it, but also magical Zacatecas’ villages like Sombrerete, Teúl, Nochistlán, Jerez de García, and Pinos will remain there waiting for conquering visitors.

What will they offer? Unique experiences that make these Mexico’s northern latitudes a select destination. A crucial ground to advance your visiting armies to such fascinating territories.

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